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  1. Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    Hmm I managed to screw up my installation so going to have to format and reinstall. Those pesky nvidia drivers aren't allowing me to do QE at all and it is looking kinda hopeless to fix that. I also noticed that there's no working driver at all for the intel wireless card so I would have to buy a broadcom card which was the "el cheapo" option when ordering this laptop to begin with hence I opted for the intel chipset which apparantly is better than the broadcom. I read reviews recently of the broadcom and people complain it intermittantly drops connection on wireless. So...just another thing crippling this system besides whatever else mac osx doesn't like. Broadcom nic still doesn't work as good as it does in microsoft windows so hopefully the driver on the cd will work fine. Interesting that this has an intel chipset but a broadcom network adapter. Otherwise the laptop is pretty solid especially now that I have win7 ultimate on it rather than vista with no service packs.
  2. Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    I got everything working in iAktos V7 except for: Intel Wireless Broadcom NIC (it works but it loves to drop me off of DHCP so I had to take my DHCP settings and manually insert them) Hardware Acceleration (Chess does not let me move pieces at all) If I could fix those 3 things this would be a pretty nice o/s to use for a dual boot.
  3. after I upgraded the kernel to the one that comes with 10.4.9 now it says 2.39ghz processor type unknown.. weird.. maybe it's a kernel problem.
  4. I got it to work on 10.4.8 JaS then updated to 10.4.9 using a tutorial on here. I found that the P4P800-VM board works better with onboard video, couldn't get my MSI 6600GT nvidia card to work well at all. Someone told me to try using the nvidia drivers in the uphuck release so I'm going to do that next. I'm impressed how fast it runs on a 2.4ghz P4P800-VM system, but I fear that once I have everything running properly it's just another unix box to me and I'll probably just venture back to vista. However I am very impressed with the GUI.
  5. Ten reasons you should get Vista.

    well I for one don't really hate mac, I find directx rather absurd and that all the bigtime game makers keep using it, then you get forced into upgrading the whole o/s just to keep up with it. Then if you turn on a mac, you won't be able to run any of those games. Also most software available to download on the internet appears to be for windows based systems and there's still confusion on how that'll run on a mac to this day for the casual end user. It would be nice to see apple get bigger and more mainstream than it already is, but fact of the matter is.. with all the bells and whistles you can put into this thing, people will hack it more if it is the one most people use. Why? money, greed, exploitation for jollies. There's really no need to argue for or against PC or mac, just as it is right now mac is a bit more secure than a windows box and I also believe that it has more promise although it is still lacking in development support. But I think most of what I speak of as far as development coincides with video games which one usually these days is smarter to buy a ps3 or an xbox for. I think I even heard a rumor that WoW is being ported over to 360. And about these errors where you can only run windows for a short period of time? nonsense, unless you are speaking of those who bought the most substandard crappy hardware you can buy then yeah I can see where it'll crash no matter what o/s you put on the thing. And I see above poster's point, if you buy a mac you are always getting genuine hardware. But I have used macs long ago that freeze up if you go to read a book and then try to move the mouse. So macs haven't been flawless either. Whenever I own a pc that crashes or does other random irritating stuff, it soon finds its way out of my case and another one replaces it. But at least I don't have to replace the entire box to do that. PC's are more for the people who like to modify things and make their own system. When you buy that cheap $500 Dell that was prepackaged and assembled, you can damn sure expect that it'll be slow or have other problems. Anyhow all in all I'm impressed with Mac OSX from what I have seen. I want to get this osx86 up and running so I can work with it a bit more. I like the idea of having such a nice stable GUI interface over unix, though I also do understand that the hardcore unix users don't really use KDE/Gnome/etc very often. I've been in bash enough to know how multitasking really works compared to a windows box
  6. I tried installing this 10.4.9 on a P4P800 system and it doesn't work, so I'm going to try 10.4.8. Seems like maybe I selected the wrong options every time I install or this release just plain doesn't work with P4P800 motherboards. Hoping to install 10.4.8 and update to 10.4.9 then 10.4.10.