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  1. Ati HD3650 in Snow Leopard, someone had success?

    How is that a success if you don't have QE/CI?I also tried to use drivers from Leo but the gave me compatibility errors with the new OpenGL framework. So no QE/CI for me too, only resolution change
  2. You'll have to find first someone with fully working ATI 3650 on Snow Leopard. I have managed so far to get resolution change with no QE. As far as how to install snow there is a big tutorial on this forum .
  3. Thanks a lot for the tutorial. Everything seems to work so far, except for my ATI 3650. And don't forget to run the Marvin Utility on the whole system as I see so far there are somewhere about 30 encrypted bynaries
  4. ›› Voodoo XNU Kernel is now Released

    Just wait for the real voodoo release. What is the point of installing that 9.6 kernel anyway?
  5. ›› Voodoo XNU Kernel is now Released

    I had the same issue (apart of the dual opteron, not that rich to have it (X2 4400+)) and it seems to be related to the upgrade itself (10.5.5 to 10.5.6 from apple's website). I am using now iPC's 10.5.6 and it works slightly faster than 10.5.5.
  6. Does vista have anything similar to Automator, Terminal and help menu search?
  7. I did it just some minutes ago with 7-zip.
  8. ›› Voodoo XNU Kernel is now Released

    how much will it take until voodoo 9.6? As I see apple hasn't yet released the source code.
  9. Hy slashack, the source code on code.google for AppleNforceAta happens to be MeDevils version and not your's, with 4GB support. Please commit your work there It took me some hours to read all the modification you did to JMicron and apply to my Nfroce. No wonder why compiling from them did not remove the kernel panics. The onlyth modified drivers in that repository is JMicron Anyway, thanks for the code. My problem seems to be solved now.
  10. Why don't you take into account the time spent on building the hack and making it fully compatible and stable? I've spent about 50 hours on making my hack and it would have cost me a thousand dollars if my salary was about 20$ per hour.
  11. AnV Chameleon boot loader

    Why are so many haters here? Can't you just appreciate the work these guys do?
  12. I had panics on RC and final release of Vodoo Kernel 9.5. My system is 10.5.5
  13. Anyway its somehow related AppleNforceATA because when I remove it and boot into 64bit mode there are no panics (and I hard stress tested it), or when I boot in 32bit mode with AppleNforceATA (with -legacy option). By the way, I am using Voodoo Kernel 9.5 on an AMD X2 machine.
  14. Unfortunately this doesn't work for me Maybe some time later when the voodoo kernel source code is released I'll have a look at the method that causes the panic because right now it is like walking blind for me. slashack, how do I read the output? As I see it, it's IOMemoryDescriptor.cpp at line 1473 that called getPhysicalSegment(), but what do the modules in the backtrace show me? Is it one of them that causes the panic? There is no getPhysicalSegment() in the AppleNforceATA source code.
  15. Hi slashack, thanks for your work I'm having kernel panics with your appleNforceAta . I didnt use the kexts but instead downloaded the source code and compiled with "forced 80pin cable detection" (unfortunately the standard nfroceAta doesnt detect it and gives me udma 2 instead of 6 so I had to correct some portions of the code. It worked for me well with meDevils driver but now when i added another 2Gb of Ram both yours and his versions give me kernel panics). Does the source code from code.google differ from the kexts that you've posted? here is my dump and screenshot. dump.txt