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  1. Pixel Baker

    What software is this OSx86 video using?

    Actually, that's not fast user switching, although that effect is used for it also. The virtual desktop software being used in the video is VirtueDesktops. You can use key combos to switch between virtual desktops. very nice software.
  2. Pixel Baker

    Broadcom 570x and 575x

    I've read so much of this thread and others that I'm beginning to get confused about what's going on. It's all a blur... I'm running a Dell Optiplex GX620 with Broadcom 5701 onboard gigabit. Do we have a working solution for this yet? I'm confused about what's actually working and what isn't. Thanks
  3. Pixel Baker

    ALC880 Audio works!!!

    FIXED - SORT OF I used skippyretard's AppleHDA.kext file and his instructions and now I have output! Awesome. Only problem: When i shutdown my system for whatever reason, I lose sound upon rebooting. how can I make this stick? _________________________________________________________ I'm having quite a bit of trouble with my sound working at all. I have a FOXCONN 915GL7MC-8KS motherboard Chipset: Intel® 915GL Express + ICH6 Integrated Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 900 controller Integrated, 7.1 channel High Definition (Realtek) ALC880 chipset (I can see the chip on the board) I cannot get it to load any type of sound device at all. I've tried the original instructions by skippyretard but I get nothing. I'm not sure what else to try at this point. Is there an extremely cheap soundcard I could buy to throw in and just use without having to edit anything?
  4. Pixel Baker

    [Buy] Want to buy OS9

    I have a retail copy of OS 9.2.1 "Featuring Sherlock!". CD only. I bought it off a friend a while back. Contact me if you'd like and we'll work something out. pixelDOTbakerATgmailDOTcom or MSN & Google Talk: same as e-mail AIM: pixelbaker07