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  1. I have the following up for sale and am hoping to sell it as a sort of a Hackintosh kit: GigaByte P55A-UD4P Intel Core i7 860 CPU overclocked to 3.8Ghz 4GB of 2000Mhz ADATA RAM NVIDIA GTS 250 I'll check the specs on the HDD and edit when I get home tonight. But it will likely include two drives A Samsung 24x DVD Writer Runs Snow (10.6.7) spot on with everything working. I'd normally list stuff like this in a case but I currently have it in a monster full tower case and its heavy and shipping would be costly. This way you get the parts with low cost shipping (maybe $25 boxed, insured, shipped) and put it in a case of your choosing. I'll update the post tonight and I can snap some pictures if wanted. Oops sorry forgot to mention that I am looking for $450 + shipping in the US
  2. Selling off some items to fund the purchase of a new iMac. Up for sale is a 2010 C2D 13" White MacBook with 8GB of RAM and a 320GB HDD. Its still under AppleCare until July. Great little machine with minimal signs of wear with only light scratches on the top. It comes complete with original box, Apple stickers, DVD's (OS install and Apps), Magsafe power, and a neopreme sleeve. I'm looking for $750 + shipping in the continental US. If you are in the Phoenix area local pickup / delivery is an option. Additional pics available upon request. ** The MacBook has been sold **
  3. Make sure that your OSX install DVD is 10.6.3. I had tried it with a 10.6.2 and had the same exact symptoms. With Andy's boot CD and 10.6.3 it was a breeze to install.
  4. Thanks for all the inquiries... It has beeb sold.
  5. No sooner did I start getting into the 1201N and getting it hacked did I score a sweet deal on a 2010 Macbook. Ever since picking up the Macbook this sweet little system has been collecting dust. 12" ASUS 1201NB Netbook with RAM upgrade of 4GB. It is currently running OSX 10.6.4 It comes with the original packaging and restore disk to install Win 7. In its current configuration everything works in OSX except for the built in wireless. If you want to keep it with OSX you can purchase a Dell D1510 half height PCIe Wireless card from various sellers on eBay and it will be detected as Apple Airport. I will include a USB a/b/g/n Wireless device. If restored to Windows 7 the built in wireless works great its just not supported in Mac OSX. Along with the netbook the following will be included: charger, original packaging and restore disk, USB Wireless, mini blue tooth dongle, carrying sleeve, and an SD card. Its in excellent shape. I'm looking for $370 shipped in the US. Feel free to ask questions... I used the guide on Insanely Mac for the install
  6. Up for sale is a ASROCK 330 HD system. Specs: CPU: Atom 330 1.6Ghz overclocked to 2.2Ghz Dual Core GPU: ION RAM: 2GB HDD: 120GB DVD: Standard DVD Writer I have used this system as a Mac Mini Hackintosh and also as a Media box connected to a TV via HDMI with a Remote and Receiver which I will include. It will work under OSX with some software. Ideal small system as a Media box with either XBMC/Plex/Boxee. The BIOS version is OSX friendly and is very simple to do provided you follow the guide on InsanelyMac. PM about Hackintoshing for additional information. Looking for $350 shipped in the US. -Goz
  7. Atom support was removed in 10.6.2. You'll need to run a modified kernel to use it with 10.6.2 and up. Check out http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...197020&st=0
  8. Goz

    FS: Quad Core Hack

    The system is no longer for sale.
  9. Goz

    FS: Quad Core Hack

    The Quad is on hold.....
  10. Goz

    FS: Quad Core Hack

    I've got some nibbles, etc but it's still available. In my original post I put that it had a Cooler Master V8 cooler I was mistaken this one has the ASUS Arctic. I'll add some more pics in a bit..... geekbench, etc Sorry to those its taken me some time to reply to. Works got me swamped but thats a good thing I guess. Sorry about the handprint in the last pic.... black always shows finger prints, etc
  11. See attached... Easy to do snow.... 1) restore SNOW DVD to Flash drive or HDD partition.... 2) Run installer and point to the restored drive 3) Boot up using the restored drive which has Chameleon, custom DSDT, etc 4) Install 5) run the installer against the drive that you installed SNOW to. 6) Boot from newly installed SNOW drive. I think we got it working with the 330-HT for Macdude101 using the same DSDT thats in the installer but had audio issues. You might need to ask him which KEXT he added if any... The installer works spot on with standard ASROCK 330's Hope it helps. -Goz Asrock_ION_330_Snow_Magic.zip
  12. Macdude101 just got his working 330-HT PM him. He ended up using my installer and one or two tweaks
  13. Goz

    FS: Quad Core Hack

    Yeah not really looking to part it out and not at that $ amount. We'll see how it goes selling it as a whole and if it doesn't sell... well one can't have too many hackintosh's.
  14. Goz

    FS: Quad Core Hack

    Up for grabs is a Hackintosh built with the following parts: MOBO: MSI P45 Platinum CPU: Q9550 Quad Core HEATSINK FAN: ASUS Arctic RAM: 8GB A-DATA RAM 800Mhz VIDEO: NVIDIA 210GT 512MB HDD: 1x500GB and 1x1TB HDD OPTICAL: 24x DVD+-RW DL CASE: RAIDMAX Mini Tower Its currently running OSX 10.6.2 Vanilla install with everything working great. CPU overclocks great on air up to 4Ghz without much effort I'm looking for $520 shipped in the US. Feel free to ask questions, etc. Ill try to post some pics tonight. Thanks for looking.
  15. I've been using one of these for some time and works great with Bluetooth Apple wireless keyboards and mice including magic mouse