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  1. Hi all, I just wanted to share info concerning my MBA 13 - 1.7 GhZ i5/RAM (4 GB)/SSD (128 GB) (mid 2011). This MBA is my main work machine and had been purchased in 2011 september; I've been using it since every day (including some loaded week-ends) Apple provides info about its battery: it should be 80% of its capacity after 1000 cycles. Well, in my case it appears to be true (after 500 cycles): What about you ?
  2. PowerMac G5 TITAN

    Ok, thanks Baudouin ; I feel much better with the "holy grail" idea you had
  3. GeForce GTX TITAN works in MacPro

    Got it, thanks. I've just been reading what you wrote up about it and noticed that "link speed" is 2,5 GT/s (on the second pic). Reading what netkas wrote about it, GTX TITAN "link speed" could go up to 5 GT/s ; is it an issue ? Anyway, it's good to know that it could work "simply", even though I didn't install OSX yet (waiting to get money to buy a second and better SSD).
  4. GeForce GTX TITAN works in MacPro

    If I understood correctly, it's working with genuine Mac Pro, but not Hackintosh On the other hand, as it is said, the 10.8.4 beta update brings new kext for the GTX TITAN, and one comment stands : "It’s a high chance that all Keplers are supported, maybe only correct PCI ID must be added to the kext" Anyone tried it ? Would it be difficult to "inject" the PCI ID in the kext ?
  5. PowerMac G5 TITAN

    Can't get to the link you provided ; seems blacklisted in France...
  6. PowerMac G5 TITAN

    That would be about it, but I'm looking for something a bit more "pretty" : transparent, maybe...
  7. PowerMac G5 TITAN

    In fact, I've changed the motherboard not long ago (had a Gigabyte 880 mATX when I put up the mod) ; on this AsRock z77 model, the PCI-E 3 port was very close to the CPU socket. So to be able to use the PowerMac G5 genuine PCI slot for the TITAN and the PCI-E 3 port (and not a PCI-E 2 with my Grail GPU), I had to un-glue the G5 original stands-off, relocate them higher ; that's why there is so much space below, when you look to the I/O cut. The aquamac solution would have been the perfect one, but I'm not skilled enough to work metal like that ; I tought instead, using long and thin plastic sticks to dress-up the I/O nasty cuts. Indeed, I'm not using the audio plugin since I'm enjoying the sound capability of HDMI connection and Nvidia High Def driver.
  8. PowerMac G5 TITAN

    Yep... I remember when I was "dreaming", looking at his mods ; that would be the holy grail to get something like that
  9. PowerMac G5 TITAN

    Well, I don't know yet... but am thinking of it. Any ideas are most welcome
  10. PowerMac G5 TITAN

    @MiniHack I wanted, for once in my life at least, to buy the high end GPU of the moment; my wife does not appreciate tremendous graphics as I do, I guess... :wink2: @streelydan I used a simple velcro to hold it down, and it's working perfectly (no metal contact vibrations and - with the Noctua Fan - no sound at all)
  11. PowerMac G5 TITAN

    Not yet - about OSX running, this machine gaming profile is keeping me with win 7 at the moment; fortunately I'm writing to you from my 2011 MBA work machine I did not have any problems posting on Tony's site, and found - after reading - "strange" points of view about it here... I guess, after all, we're all modders, right ?
  12. [worklog] Darkmac Pro

    impressive !!!
  13. PowerMac G5 TITAN

    Yep, and strange as it seems, it's steady : Not much : Txs, it's a never ending addiction
  14. PowerMac G5 TITAN

    Hi, Let me introduce my build. (already shown @ tonymacx86.com) It's a PowerMac G5 late 2004 (I suppose) ; I'm using BlackCH Front panel kit. Hardware : - Intel i7 3770 @ 4,3 GHz - GTX TITAN (Zotac) - AsRock Z77 Pro 4-M - DDR3 Corsair Dominator Platinum 1600 (16GB : 8x2) - OCZ Agility 3 (120 GB) - WD Caviar Green 15-EARS (1,5TB x 2) - LG BR Combo reader/writer - LEPA G750-MAS - Bluetooth dongle - D-link DWA-127 Wireless N150 - Scythe Mugen 2 revB (CPU Cooler) - Noctua PC NF-P14 FLX 140 mm (PSU Fan Cooler) I went through an easy-way, using Dremel to cut out the rear panel, just enough to get to the different plugs and stick the motherboard with the original G5 stands off.
  15. Power Mac G5 Gigabyte Mod

    not sure last time I installed OSX, was with my thinkpad (pentium M btw) ... so long ago but good question