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    xdarwin binary

    sadly i compiled it monthes ago when i had 10.4.1 so i dont think it will work on 10.4.3 also the laptop i compiled it on is semi broken and doesnt really charge so i cant really install 10.4.3. if anyone wants to try to compile it i used darwin ports. the first couple times i tried to compile it it hung about 1 hour into compiling a couple tryes later it worked. oh and dont forget to uninstall apples x11 first.
  2. ianjw11

    xdarwin binary

    ok i have decided i will make a torrent I will seed it for a couple of days long enough for someone to hopefully host it. I dont have much upload speed only 765 k.im trying to compress it now to a reasonable size. also should i include fluxbox and blackbox wm. I have some of xfce ported but most of it i cant get to compile. kde or gnome doesnt work either.
  3. ianjw11

    Roach Commuter's Ports

    Hi i was ondering if you could port qemu evertime i try to compile it gives me errors oh and i compiled it using darwin ports if that means anything.
  4. ianjw11

    nooo osx86 broke

    update i reinstalled it and it still says the same thing! nooooooooo
  5. ianjw11

    What network cards work?

    i have a hp broadcom B/G wifi card working
  6. ianjw11

    nooo osx86 broke

    omg that really sucks i just compiled x11 for osx86 took about a day and was in the middle of compiling kde omg is their other way. oh heres my system specs: Hp zv5340us lapy amd athlon 64 3400+ nvidea go 64mb 512 ram and ac97 audio. does that help any? oh and another thing like 5 min before the pleaze restart ur comp thing came up it failed to compile and anything i tryed to compile said cannot creat executables
  7. Hi i have a hp zv5000 series laptop. I was in the middle of compiling somthing when the multi launguage thing came up and said you have to restart you computer. I restarted it and it said the same thing does anyone no how to fix it? thanks in advance
  8. hi i have ported xdarwin www.xdarwin.org to osx86 but need a place to host it does anyone know a good webhost? thanks oh and its a big file about 100 mb