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  1. PsYiOn

    Nvidia 8800 GTX

    I am trying to get Lion working on my Dell XPS 720, everything is going well so far but i can't seem to get my 8800 GTX working... Its been a good while since i moved to real Macs but i did start off with OSX in this way and I'm feeling a little out of my depth again... Has anyone got this card working? I need acceleration and both monitor ports working to make the system usable for my purposes... Any and all help appreciated thanks! I installed using the App Store Release to an external drive using my real mac and then ran the [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] with default options. Bottings works fine! without safe mode in 32 an 64 bit. My system is a core 2 quad CPU!
  2. PsYiOn

    OSX has a superior UI to Windows

    well i dont think they need to change anything that works well, and to be honest i think most of it does. Im sure most people would agree changing the UI too much from what we have now would be a mistake since what we have now is already much better than anything else that is around. As far as usability and intuitiveness.. What they have done in Lion seems to be aimed at changing and improving the way you work with the interface by giving it a more tactile look and feel.
  3. Hello All, I'm looking for a backpack for my new MacBook Pro 15' with lots of pockets and space for stuff like the wireless mouse and keyboard? Anyone with a recommendation would be helping me out! Cheers!
  4. Hello All, I have just istalled iDeneb on my Samsung NC10 which seemed to install ok... When i tried to boot it first time it just hung at the Apple loading screen for a while then the loading screen didnt vanish but a mouse cursor came up... I have tried with -f and had no luck.. -x Boots up fine and the system works ok and seems stable... When i boot with -v i get a message about GFX0 not being grouped by family then shortly after it hangs and the system does not start... Im guessing from all t he reading iv been doing theres a kext being loaded that does not work with my hardware or something along those lines but im not sure how to find the acat one i need move... I have the KextHelper for installing new kexts but im not sure which kexts are for me and where to find them... in addition to these problems i dont have onboard lan or onboard sound working... iv read that they will both work with some drivers but havnt had much luck finding those eather? Can anyone help me out im feeling really newbie and out of my depth... Im excited at the speed of the system once in osx(safe mode) compared to when i tried osx86 a year or so ago.... ~PsYiOn
  5. I want to build an x86 mchine that will be fully supported by max osx leopard. My question is this, If i buy all the right hardware i can i get decent stability from homebrew mac? could i use it for all my day to day tasks? Does anyone have it 100% working or is it all still a work in progress? if you can list me product parts that wokr i would be so happy!!
  6. Im looking to build a mac x86 style from scratch. I already have a good pc and im not looking to beat that performance wise but im 100% interested in running a stable x86 mac. my goal is to create a mid range pc that will run osx 100%. I plan to use teh system mainly to design websites and create music on. idealy i want to buy all the parts from aria.co.uk but im just unsure at what hardwar ewill be 100% compatable with a version of osx mac i down load., any help would be apreciated.
  7. PsYiOn

    Cant see mouse

    its workign now... i didnt actually do anything to it tho just restarted.
  8. Im having sound issues with my 6400 too, when i open the HDA patcher i get a message making me restart my pc its kinda anoying!!!! any way to fix this ?
  9. PsYiOn

    Cant see mouse

    I have installed from teh jas dvd but i cant seem to see the mouse cursor. I know its tehre because i can click stuff by guessing where the mouse is. I have tried with my touchpad and a usb mouse. Im using an inpiron 6400(dell) with core 2 duo set to use only 1 core(2 cores was slower?) everything seems to look ok but the mouse is the only problem. Without that its hard to check otehr stuff anyway..... any ideas guys? most of teh guides here have been very helpful hopfully som1 has had this problem before but i have ran a few searches still no luck