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    can't find IDE HD on Disk Utility

    I'd manage to install to VIA sata controller (non bootable), since the IDE port is so stubborn. Now the problem is this non bootable device? How can I start the system if the IDE is the bootable one. Easy...put the OS into the box and unboxing to an IDE disk... Voila it works with a bunch of bug... I guess it does the the primitive BIOS a trick... Thanks fellas for the ktext, it help half a way... Cheers and see ya around
  2. bobymc

    can't find IDE HD on Disk Utility

    HARD DISK IDE KEXTS.zip 455.73KB 171 downloads (posted by moderator) it just help me out on reading hdd on installing 10.6x into HPXW6000 workstation...yet still the disk utility CANNOT unmount disk (whatever type/kind of port disk you attached to) I'd tried bunch of ktext and boot arguments,BIOS config, etc.... none of them works Maybe someone can give better idea on this unmount-ing problem on PATA disk drive, USB drive... or I'd just better rely on AHCI port
  3. I'm working on HP XW6000 PC-desktop, the APPle intel io ata or ApplePATA thingy and replacing the io ata ktext only makes dirves appear, wise I;m still stuck on UNMOUNTING disk-s the HP XW6000 still could NOT unmounting harddisk or it takes whole years to unmounts the drive it's the same old problem I assumed installing OSX 10.6xx TO> NON-SATA interface is IMPOSIBLE.... Probably someone find a way to install OSX to "NON PLUG and PLAY" mainboard....? UNMOUNTING means > pull out a device from your computer MOUNTING means > plug in a device to your computer for such primitive BIOS or NON-Plug and play BIOS = mounting and unmoungting is exactly IMPOSIBLE it's a HARDWARE phenom NOT a SOFTWARE even a bunch of patches could NOT evercome this BIOS limitation... Cheers and have a good day.
  4. bobymc

    Installing on a SCSI drive?

    yes...it won't fire up on Disk Utility....or not detected....
  5. bobymc

    HD4600. Stuck at Graphics Loading

    PS: on Clover just add GraphicsEnabler=No to the boot arguments for those having trouble on GPU Cheers
  6. bobymc

    HD4600. Stuck at Graphics Loading

    Chameleon Success on booting and shutdown. I'd downloaded 2 type of 2.2 svn r2377, sorry on wich URL I'd used on of.... NONE GraphicsEnabler on bootplist. ((Stuck on shut down problem on previous chameleon, tilI got this NEW 2377)) Got 10.9 updated to 10.9.3. with no problem up till now.... (No boot flags needed) Thanks a bunch Chameleon See ya around...
  7. bobymc

    Success - HP XW6600 Workstation

    I have HP XW6000, with no SATA port...IDE is the default HDD...just wonder how can I feed the OSX into this machine, since the OSX always UNABLE to Unmounting the HDD during installation... Probably someone can help Thanks in advanced
  8. bobymc

    Stuck at Read HFS+ File [Niresh]

    try -x -v -f
  9. PS: When start at boot, after a while...the spinning beach ball turns into big grey power button-saying that I have to put the computer shut down...(with Graphics = set to Yes) is there any patch-s to overcome this ?
  10. Hi all, How to enable full Gigabyte=HD4670 1GB DDR3 GPU capabilities in my Mountain Lion 10.8.2, since I started the OSX with GraphicsEnabler=No... Any help would be greatly appreciated ...Thanks in advanced...