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  1. I dont like the new theme, which is why, unpon being re-instated, i changed to the Insanely Beautiful
  2. Goodbye everyone!

    is this not a tad cliché?
  3. Needed: Anti-Glare for 24" iMac

    a free option is to move the mac or turn the brightness up.
  4. iPhoto 08 crashs on Photo maximize

    Its the video card. I judged that from the topic title, nothing else. This is usally the case on older Macs anyhow.
  5. Good Torrent Programs?

    Just a heads up, they now called "Apps" on OS X ...... Try a private tracker. As i think your using TPB. Oh and to do the µTorrent symbol, hold down the Opt+M. Open Keyboard pallet viewer to more special Key combos. SysPrefs>International>Input>Show in Menu Bar. From there, Click your Flag and select Show Keyboard Viewer. Gah, i outdo myself. Think Mark
  6. iWork '08 Problem?

    These are needed to get iWork working, as i assume your on a Hackintosh. Inn this case, unless your committed to using them, which i am , your best getting MS Office 04. Its light on the specs, and just runs without other complications and KP's. If you can get the above working then it should work. Think Mark
  7. Why do torrent download faster in Windows?

    Are you guys cribbing bout the few KB a torrent file is or the end result? Torrent always take some time to get going. Its like business, start out small, end up big. Much like Apple. The more MB you get in your files, the faster the download gets. You dont get 4MB speeds out of the box. And there is never going to be one time when we could complete a test such as this as it all depends on seeders, time, where you are in the "loop" and a few others things which escape my mind right now. Think Mark. Torrent Pro
  8. Missing Utilities

    Just being pussy, but it's " Time Machine ".... With a space. Think Mark
  9. See, Hope. Glad somebody is starting with the 3495 first... It's the most wanted. Thanks Think Mark
  10. We have hope again, from the news a new dev is joing. The holidays are drawing to a close, get your skates on please. My Hackbook is hungry for Safari Think Mark
  11. Ipod touch 2G jailbreak

    Highly Origional. And, No. try it and see for yourself. *Palm Face* Think Mark
  12. My Music is not bought. About 5 tracks out of 800 are legit, and my whole movie collection was ripped in Handbrake. Strangely only one movie syncs, Pirate of silicone Valley, and then it was deleted from iTunes?!!! Only TV Shows bought from the store sync, the other 200GB of shows don't. How can i get round this? Its all H.264, and MPG4 Works on Apple TV Streaming. WHy not my touch?
  13. Stupid mac wont effing burn cd's

    There was a an App i used to use when i first had a Hackintosh, called Burn. It also inclluded something that patched my current DVD drive so it would work with Burn, which knew i had a hackintosh. Hope this helps. Think Mark