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  1. What are some good Torrent DLing programs for Mac OSX Leopard 10.5.3


    Just a heads up, they now called "Apps" on OS X ......




    in transmition i don't seem to be able to download that fast...i have 24MBps ADSL!!!for specific movie torrents with looooadsss of seeds i onlu connect to like 10 peers and download with 20KBps.....tried changing the peers limit to 999 but still nothing...any ideas???


    Try a private tracker. As i think your using TPB.


    Oh and to do the µTorrent symbol, hold down the Opt+M.

    Open Keyboard pallet viewer to more special Key combos. SysPrefs>International>Input>Show in Menu Bar.

    From there, Click your Flag and select Show Keyboard Viewer. B) Gah, i outdo myself.


    Think Mark

  2. Check if your video card supports CI\QE...


    These are needed to get iWork working, as i assume your on a Hackintosh.

    Inn this case, unless your committed to using them, which i am B), your best getting MS Office 04. Its light on the specs, and just runs without other complications and KP's. If you can get the above working then it should work.


    Think Mark

  3. Are you guys cribbing bout the few KB a torrent file is or the end result?

    Torrent always take some time to get going. Its like business, start out small, end up big. Much like Apple.

    The more MB you get in your files, the faster the download gets. You dont get 4MB speeds out of the box.


    And there is never going to be one time when we could complete a test such as this as it all depends on seeders, time, where you are in the "loop" and a few others things which escape my mind right now.


    Think Mark. Torrent Pro B)

  4. My Music is not bought. About 5 tracks out of 800 are legit, and my whole movie collection was ripped in Handbrake. Strangely only one movie syncs, Pirate of silicone Valley, and then it was deleted from iTunes?!!!


    Only TV Shows bought from the store sync, the other 200GB of shows don't.


    How can i get round this?


    Its all H.264, and MPG4

    Works on Apple TV Streaming. WHy not my touch?

  5. Why is the 2G iPod touch less important that the iPhone 3G? Why not let them wait for a bit. Its the same situation as AMD and Intel Processors when it comes to OSx86. Its stupid the way its prioritized. There are a good few devs who could try their hand i'm sure.

  6. Thats a bit harsh, lets see you try and talk turkish or something. Then see how hard it is to keep perfect grammar.



    Saying they are doing a great job when the last oh, 5 pages have been complaints and questions of when this is going to be completed.


    Posts like mine just fade into the pst as others post the sae thing.


    When is the project going to get moving? God knows there s more than a few people this would benefit.


    Think Mark. {censored}