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  1. Alc269 Autoswitch and HDMI output help

    Yes, the hdmi output appears listed, it just doesn´t work How should I do that? Do you know a good post with tutorial on it?
  2. Alc269 Autoswitch and HDMI output help

    Thanks I'll vive it a try! That's how I got working everything but the hdmi output and auto switch doesn't! I have a core i3 powered notebook with intel hd 4000 gpu
  3. Alc269 Autoswitch and HDMI output help

    Thanks, but it didn´t work for me, didn´t have sound at all after edit dsdt and added thoes kext with kextutility, do you know if I can add a patch to Voodoo kext in order to make it work? Thanks
  4. Hi, I`ve installed the VoodooHDA-v2.8.4.Lion.pkg for my Alc269 codec on a samsung notebook, both the internal mic and the mic input works great with autoswitching, the problem is that the speakers and the headphones port works but I have to change manually in System Preference also the HDMI output audio is not working. I`ve attached my pin config from regedit in Windows and also the byte flipped txt too, also the codecdump.txt made in osx. All nodes seems to be ok except for node 29 wich byte flipped is: 4014a205 Can I have some help with it? Some else have the same problem with the alc269 in notebooks? Thanks in advance! codecdump.txt pinconfigwindows.txt pinconfigwindowsbytefliped.txt
  5. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Hey Taruga, thanks for all the help you are great. I have a problem with my ALC262 driver, I made the Linux Codec Dump from Ubunto 8.10 LiveCD and used with your AppleHDA Patcher, and the output it`s working great but I have no Audio input working, the thing it´s that I´m testing Garageband 09, and it will be really sweet if I could use an input, I tried with an USB Audio card wich is an USB 3D SOUND Model PU552, and it kind of wors, but I would love to use my ALC262 input, is there any chance you can help me out? Or is there any guide I could follow to make it work? I attached the codec dump, thanks for all, keep on the great work, ciao. ALC262_Codec0_VGN_N220E.txt
  6. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Hey yeuthem, I couldn´t get the headphone to work yet, I only have the internal speakers working via AppleAzalia, sorry, I´m looking how to make it work, I tried all the three ALC262 test and none of them worked for me, if you get everything working please tell me how, thanks.
  7. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    how did you get this?? with drivers testing of ALC262??? because I tried and get everything recognized but no sound on speakers nor headphone, what exactly did you did?? please need help with I´m running only with Azalia drivers and only get the speakers neither the headphones nor the mic in it´s working, please help me, ciao.
  8. Hi every one, I got a Vaio VGN-N220E, and have almost my all hardware working properly, with some changes, I´ll put my hardware and if you need to know how tu ron some of then, I´ll answer you as soon I read it, so this is the hardware that I had to fix: Yukon Ethernet Adaptor 88E8036: vendor ID: 11AB, Device ID: 4351 Atheros 5006 PCI Wireless: vendor ID: 168c, Device ID: 001c Realtek HighDefinition ALC2: vendor ID:8086, device ID:27D8 Mousepad Everything else worked fine from the instalation, it seems like its just a little what I have to fix, but believe me, it took me a lot to get everything to works, still the Sound it´s working just parcially only the speakers, but I`m still looking to make it works allrigth, hope I can help you with something, greetings.
  9. Solution for Realtek ALC262

    Hey ayrus02, try first deleting the AppleHDA.kext (I recommend you to make a backup first, just put it in another folder, then delete it), do the guide again I´m prettey sure that will work correctly, remember to deleate AppelHDA.kext, if you don´t do this it will not work, if you do it correctly you will have output sound on speakers or headphone (it seems that is just one of then no both, I mean you can have onle on speakers or only on headphone), and you will not get the mic in, but hey!! its a progress, theres some drivers patch for this alc262 cards, but it didn´t work for me, I´m still waiting for it, ciao.
  10. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Thanks Taruga, your answer was really helpfull, I did what you told me to in the terminal, and it supposed to recognize everything, mic in, headphones out and internal speakers, but I get no sound neither the speakers nor the headphones , I tried with the three testing of ALC262, and none of them works , do you have any idea how can I fix it? In mean time I´m using the AppleAzalia.kext edited with my device & vendor id, but I only get the sound on my speakers, with this it didn´t recognize the headphone out nor the mic in, but at least I have sound. Thanks a lot again, I hope you could tell me some sollution for this, good job, you are the best, good bye.
  11. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Hi taruga: Help me please!! I hava a realtek highdefinition alc262, I tried with your patcheer and it said that my driver is not yet supported, then I tried with the drivers testing with the three but I couldn´t load succesfully the ALCInject.kext, I tried in terminal: sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/ALCInject.kext and the terminal sends me a messege telling that it could not be loaded succesfully because the kext is not authentic, can you help me out? I tried everything even changin the AppleAzalia.kext with my vendor & device ID, but didn´t work either, this are the specifications of my sound card Codec: Realtek ALC262 Vendor Id: 10ec Device Id: 0262 Subsystem Id: 104D1600 Revision Id: 1001 This is the device information in properties from windows: HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0262&SUBSYS_104D1600&REV_1001 Hope you can help me, I would really apreciate, you have already did a lot for audio drivers on mac osx86, if you have some time and can help me, maybe if you could help me with the ALCInject.kext install, thanks a lot, bye.