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  1. mjamalm

    WinBond 802.11 b/g USB Wireless Adapter Driver

    hey spidermac, i have the same problem and i hope to find any way to get it working ...
  2. mjamalm

    New Kalyway 10.5.2 Release!

    Hi there ,does this release support Ati X1300 cause i miss its support in leopard..... Thanks in advance
  3. hi,isn't there anybody who can help me.... please..
  4. hi everybody, After many times of trying to install leopard on my laptop(NEC versa m360)..finally i successfully installed kalyway 1.5.1 dvd on my machine every thing gone ok from vga to ethernet except wifi which is identified in my hardware list but can't connect through it,i have tried to search for any solution but found nothing..i attched to u shots of built in wifi working in windows and it's presnce in my hardware list in mac,so if any body can help me to get it working i would be greatfull... thanks in advance
  5. mjamalm

    I need help in this plz!

    u can use natit 1300,also present in uphuck 10.4.9 v1.3
  6. mjamalm

    vga problem ...the monitor turns black..

    Hi there, Thanx for all your help... Finally i have a working hackintosh... By the use of uphuck 10.4.9 v1.3... all are working ,but i can't gain the max resolution of my card... any one managed to do that...?
  7. mjamalm

    vga problem ...the monitor turns black..

    HOW did you do that... that's a good news...please in details AND still waiting for u josh
  8. mjamalm

    vga problem ...the monitor turns black..

    hi josh256, sorry for that but can u write down the procedure in a numeric order after i enter to the single user mode,as i don't know the commands in that mode..as i tried every order written down but nothing happened..so please write down these instructions for beginners like me... thank you in advance
  9. mjamalm

    vga problem ...the monitor turns black..

    Thanks for all of you guys ,, I'll try the last method ,and then posts if it works or not... thanks again for your fast reply...
  10. mjamalm

    vga problem ...the monitor turns black..

    the problem here is that how can i install a driver without booting up mac... AS THE SCREEN IS NOT WORKING
  11. mjamalm

    vga problem ...the monitor turns black..

    Thanx josh256 for your reply...
  12. mjamalm

    vga problem ...the monitor turns black..

    hi josh256, thanx for ur reply ,as i understand from some threads is that it is similar to x1300,so will it work if i install x1300 drivers? ,i want to do the last try with this driver if it didn't work will buy 7300 gt as u advised ...but how can i install a driver without a working screen ,is there another way to do that,,sorry for these questions which may appear silly but they are very important for me.... Thanx in advance
  13. hi everybody, i am a beginner in this project ...just a week of hard working to get mac running on my pc.... i faced lots of problems but by the help of this wonderful forum ...they gone away... Finally i finished installation but after restart a grey screen with white apple appear then the monitor shuts off with sounds of mac runnig like a tutorial... is it a problem of graphics driver...hope anybody help me ..you don't know how eager am i to have a fully working mac... BTW my vga card is ati x1550 256 pci-e ... if anyone could tell me how to install the driver it will be apreciated.... Thanx in advance..
  14. mjamalm

    strange problem with disk utility .

    hi panzer77,, thanx for ur reply,from where can i select mbr option.. thanx in advance
  15. hi there... i am very happy to join u guys but i have a little problem when installing osx ,,everything goes fine till the disk utility stage ..the three partitions i had appears normally, when i select one to format it as (Mac OS Extended (Journaled))..and then click erase the progress bar appears and after it finishes nothing happens (just the name of the partition changes ...what can i do to overcome this problem ... i was installing Mac OS X 10.4.8 [JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1] on 300 GB sata HDD... please help me as u can ...