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  1. 10A432 is not a GM! The Japanese guy, who received Mac mini along with the Snow Leopard Install DVD, finally installed it and reported that the final build is 10A436. I told y'all.
  2. Guys, 10A435 is the real GM. Check Twitter.
  3. Downloading. Much appreciated.
  4. Pooshka

    Your Greatest Photos

    Gear: Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8 on Nikon D200 Gear: Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 on Nikon D200
  5. would i be able to instal snow leopard and not lose, say, my iweb, itunes library, preferences, etc.?
  6. Pooshka

    iPhone SDK Released

    there's always a restore option besides, the 2.0 firmware is as risky as leopard betas, which i've never had a problem with
  7. Pooshka

    iPhone SDK Released

    do you think firmware 2.0 would be anywhere on the torrents anytime soon?
  8. Pooshka

    SDK Event Confirmed

  9. Pooshka

    locking/password protecting Leopard

    or simply enable screensaver with password
  10. paleeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzz gimme ****** lyrics!!!!!111111111111 wtfmvcbkcjbdt
  11. Pooshka


    not just in egypt and serbia but also in russia and other post-soviet states, christmas is celebrated on the 7th (13 days after western christmas) in accordance with the old julian calendar. nevertheless merry christmas to everybody!
  12. Pooshka

    The "Mac Guy" was Right

    that's hardly news to anybody that's like saying "did you know that 2+2=4"
  13. Pooshka

    Just Who Will Replace Steve Jobs?

    is this meant to be, um, a funny joke?