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  1. gymelsmythe

    Wake laptop from sleep with USB devices (Clamshell mode)

    Oh im sorry that it didnt work for you family. But i do a lot of research...I love #Hackintoshing. If i find a solution i will share it with you post haste. Sent from my SCH-R760 using Tapatalk
  2. gymelsmythe

    Wake laptop from sleep with USB devices (Clamshell mode)

    Hey i'm not 100 on this, but i saw something about unchecking the clock id for usb in clover or something to that effect. But again, i don't know if thats right; but it worked for me.
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    hello and welcome!
  4. gymelsmythe

    [HELP] Patch DSDT for HP G7 1260us i3 2330M

    So i'm good then? I always saw that a patched DSDT was good to have for just in case type situations, and that it could "possibly" speed up my hack. But thanks for that info Allan; i'm still pretty much a noob at this.
  5. Hey guys. I'm new to this whole DSDT patching thing; i can't get one patched correctly to save my life. My current install is Mavericks 10.9.5...WiFi works, sleep, qe/ci, vga out, etc But i know a patched dsdt will complete my build.Could anyone patch this up for me? My system specs and all necessary files are attached below. Any help would be much appreciated! My System Specs: Intel Core i3 Processor 2.2GHz 8GB SDRAM RAM 250GB 5400RPM Hard Drive 17.3-Inch Screen, Intel HD 3000 Graphics (2nd Gen) origin.zip Gymel’s MacBook Pro.zip
  6. gymelsmythe

    Introduce yourself.

    Thanks! Sent from my SCH-R760 using Tapatalk
  7. gymelsmythe

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi everybody my name is Gymel, but everybody calls me Mello.....I finally finished my profile lol. It's great to be here!
  8. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/RbEltQhf0a Julius Brockington - Forty Nine Reasons