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  1. [WTS] Itune Gift Vouchers

    I'm keen; what region are they? US?
  2. FS: DELL 1505 draft n mini wirelss card *new* [uk]

    Any word on how much to post to AU?
  3. Hmm..I've installed on my 6400 Laptop and installed this patch; but I seem to have no USB2.0 speed at all anymore. I have no listings at all for USB High-Speed Bus. Any ideas?
  4. FS: Apple Xserve G4 1.33Ghz DP Slot

    For clarity guys, shipping to the US via seamail would be about $110 US. Shipping to most places in Australia would be about $35. It's 26lbs (about 13kg) in stock config and mine has all four drive modules, and with packing and the like would easily be 15kg+; though with the rack mount rails it'll push closer to 20kg.
  5. Hay dude/ttes, I've got the following for sale/trade Apple Xserve G4 1.33Ghz Dual Processor Takes four HDD's in the slot load at the front; standard IDE drives up to 750GB (do 1TB drives exist on IDE? If they do, they'll work) and includes all four modules. 1 x 250GB HDD (Seagate, from memory). 2GB of Geil PC3200 DDR RAM (2x1GB, wouldn't be that expensive to go to 4GB) The three internal slots are fitted out with: 1xGbE Card 1xUSB2.0 Card 1xPCI ATi Graphics Card Plus the machine has two USB1.1 ports on the rear, two FW800 ports rear and one FW400 front. Powers up and works great, will post anywhere at buyers expense (I'm in Australia). Not sure the worth of something like this, so let me know what you'd be willing to pay - I'd be willing to swap for another Mac/Hacktel or whatever as well, so throw me some offers and we'll run with it. I'm keen for a quick sale so you could snag a bargain
  6. WTS: Hack Pro - Quad

    Hey bud, still got the machine? How much you looking for, and will you post to AU?
  7. For Sale: UK Only - Shuttle KPC K45, boxed

    I'm keen, how much for shipping to AU?
  8. Hey, still got the Mac Minis? I'm keen.
  9. Ended up ordering the BadAxe2 after reading PCwiz's guide ( http://######.com/blog/?p=32 ). Will let you guys know how it goes with the 8GB of RAM.
  10. Hey guys, Been running OSX on my aging Prescott for some time now, and it's time for an upgrade. I'd like to have maximum compatability, and performance is a plus. I've chosen a Q6600 with 4x2GB of RAM for a total of 8GB of RAM, and have an 8800GTX ready to go. All I need to do now is select a motherboard. I'll be using this to dual-boot with Vista64, but that's not of a ny concern - any board will do that. I'm thinking the BadAxe2 as many users here report awesomeness from that board - but it is quite dated. Could anyone make me some recommendations? I'm ready to order up my motherboard today, so I appreciate your help.
  11. Which Distro To Use?

    My inclination would be to start with the ToH RC2 release and start from there. Once that's running, see about getting PC_EFI to work so you can run all Vanilla Kernal and mostly Vanilla Kexts. Not sure about the 8800gt, but in a few weeks time I'll have mine so by then hopefully someone will be able to answer that
  12. IDE DVD-ROM under Leopard?

    I wasn't aware of this limitation, and installed mine from my Samsung Kreon drive (Which is an IDE DVD-ROM) without any issue at all.