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  1. a little problem

    Please install the Intel chipset software before loading any other device drivers into your system. Your headache is due to this problem, not ATi's drivers.
  2. The problem with the dual core P4's is that they run through a single BUS which is a bottleneck. They don't have the same performance as a dual Xeon system.
  3. Well you may oppose to it, but I am sure others won't. I'll leave the mods to make those decisions.
  4. Sure, its a little slow to fire up at first, but then after that it works fine. If video acceleration was working for Nvidia cards, it would be like having an Intel build.
  5. All I am doing for FireFox is just downloading the OS X binary from the Mozilla site and running it. Works like a charm.
  6. Problems with AMD 64 ...

    Chipset support would be my best guess. OS X is detecting DMA on his chipset and not yours. His P4 is probably using a ICH5/6/7 southbridge for his hard drives while you are using the SB400 from ATi.
  7. Problems with AMD 64 ...

    Sorry about that. I forgot that there is a 3400+ in 939 as well, good ole San Diego core. I am more a-custom to seeing them in 754.
  8. Problems with AMD 64 ...

    It has nothing to do with the chipset and I don't see how a 754 Athlon 64 can have SSE3. The new Sempron 64-bit Palermos have SSE3, but not an older Newcastle 754. Another performance hit is not having DMA being enabled on the ATi SB400 southbridge. Here is a better guide: http://www.a1-electronics.net/AMD_Section/...guide_May.shtml
  9. Problems with AMD 64 ...

    Using an SSE2 based processor will give you quite the performance hit compared to using an Intel Prescott P4 or Celeron D that have SSE3 enabled. The only Athon 64's that have SSE3 are based on Venice, San Diego, and the X2 models.
  10. 50% Success on a Dell Inspiron 5160

    Your bug has to do with the SSE2 patch which I don't need to run as my processor supports SSE3. Why do I have a feeling that only the ACPI with will work with SSE3 enabled processors?
  11. Problems with AMD 64 ...

    The K8N Neo2 uses the Nvidia nForce3 Ultra chipset. Completely different from the ATi Express 200. If the 3400+ is based on the older Clawhammer core, you will need the patch for SSE2 support. As for the ATi Express 200, I don't have enough experience with the chipset to know its problems. x86 was only guaranteed to work with Intel ICHx southbridges anyways.
  12. .............

    Not to be icky picky or anything, but the Athlon 64/FX Clawhammers, Sledgehammers, and Winchesters don't have SSE3. Venice, San Diego, and Sempron 64-bit (Palermo) have SSE3.
  13. You'll find that any motherboard with onboard graphics is not going to overclock very well or not overclock at all. The BIOS features on many m-ATX boards are not going to have options for vDIMM, FSB, memory timings or anything else to tweak the system. Other 915 based boards may have these options, but they won't be m-ATX or have onboard graphics.
  14. 50% Success on a Dell Inspiron 5160

    I've read another post that has a link to a precompiled Airport kext for Broadcom devices at this link: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=1655 I am going to give that a try tonight and see what happens. Sorry to hear that your 4401 NIC is not working at 10/100. My router indicates that I am connected at 10/100. The AC97 is going to be harder as PCIdatabase.com has many device ID's for the 80801AA ICH4 audio. Update: Audio works but is choppy at this time. The wireless works on and off, seems to be a powersaving issue.
  15. So far Tiger has been running quite smooth on my Inspiron 5160 and I am impressed with its' performance. Here is what works so far: 1. AGP Bridge. I had to modify the Infolist file for AppleI386PCI_2 to include the following string: pci8086,3581. Loaded the extension, did a kextcache -k and rebooted. Worked marvelous. 2. Macvidia driver. Added the tag of 0x032410de to the Infolist file, loaded the extension, kextcache -k and restarted the system. Fully detected as an Fx5200 Go 64MB. 3. Native resolution: Edited the com.apple.Bootlist file to add the tag of 1400x1050x32@60. A little fuzzy still, but works great non-the-less. 4. Broadcom 4401 10/100 NIC. Worked right out of the box. What doesn't work and still working on it: 1. Broadcom 1350 b/a/g Wireless. Reading up on how to get that working. 2. Sigmatel 9753 / Intel ICH4 80801AA Audio. I have the AppleAC97 kext installed, but still working on Device ID's. I'd like to say thanks to all informative posts and posters on this site that have helped me get to this point.