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  1. Thanks, unfortuantely I don't have another pc handy. I'll try and make a new bootable clover USB with a mac and report back.
  2. After all this recent hacking business, I finally performed a security update in El Capitan that had been sitting there for quite a while. (Im on 10.10.6) I have a cloned disk of my hdd and a bootable USB with Clover prepared in case anything went wrong. For some reason, after I did the update I now can't boot to Clover on any of them! All that happens when I select the UEFI from the boot menu is it goes directly to the Apple logo and tries to startup normally. It then crashes. Why won't it boot to Clover on my USB?? This is deeply troubling as it has the potential to lock me out of the system altogether! Any advice/tips welcomed. I don't even know what to try. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, I gave that a go but it didn't help my problem.
  4. -- Trying again I was able to boot to the login screen. I was even able to get a single USB port working (One that, from experience, tends to work when none of the others do.) When it was trying to log after I entered my password in I got the same panic as before. So despite seeming progress, it is the same problem - No USB - Thread crashing Ok, thanks! Trying now. No luck. Updated Clover and same thing. See attached. I don't know if I use FakeSMC Sensors. What is that?
  5. Ok, I have just given that a go. Ended with the attached. The image that is blurry is where it stopped. I'll upload a better copy of it.
  6. OK, so a lot has happened. Using the EFI folder in the link above I was able to boot into the Sierra Installer with USB working. I installed Sierra without any trouble. I thought everything was solved! Unfortunately, now when I try to boot I have a similar problem as when I couldn't boot to the installer. It's a crash which looks very like the one I had at the start which was solved by the Voodoo kext. (see attached.) I have managed to boot to the login screen using xcpm but can't do anything as I have no USB again. It is so weird! I have also attached a list of the kexts that were included in the motherboard specific EFI folder from the above link. I have used the whole folder as my EFI. Does anybody have any ideas? I still have access to my files as I have booted into a cloned disk of my El Cap install. Thank goodness! Sorry, I didn't see that you had written back before replying. Here are the things you asked for. They are from the cloned El Cap disk I have booted. As I mentioned I am unable to boot into Sierra after the install. This link is the full EFI folder I have used from the above topic I found. It is prepared for a X79 board. https://www.dropbox.... Files.zip?dl=0 Thanks so much for taking the time to help. Please let me know If you need anything else. Send me Mac Pro.zip Origin Folder.zip
  7. Found this and I think it may be the solution to all my problems http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/315489-gigabyte-x79-up4-macos-sierra-success/
  8. Ok! Big development! I managed to boot into the installer with the voodootscsync setting you suggested! Thanks!! That's the good news, the bad news is that the usb problem didn't get fixed. The same message as above comes up many times as it loads into the installer. ""XHC@010000000: AppleUSBHostController: : set PowerStateGated: Going to state 2 failed with 0xe0002bc"" Then, of course, there is no working USB in the installer. Thanks so very much for your help! Do you have any suggestions for the usb problem? I feel like I'm close now!
  9. Thanks for getting back to me. I'll have a try and let you know how I go. my cpu is a Xeon 2630 Thanks again.
  10. Hi folks, I am totally at a loss and ready to pay somebody to help if that person even exists. Ive tried a lot of stuff and haven't really got anywhere. It has been months, on and off. I've followed so many guides and bits of advice that I have totally lost track where I'm at. Things are a bit of a mess. The problem is that the installer either endlessly loops on a bunch of: "XHC@010000000: AppleUSBHostController: : set PowerStateGated: Going to state 2 failed with 0xe0002bc" see attached : Or reboots after: "Waiting for remote debugger connection kip_poll: no debugger device" I have tried a few fixes to get USB3 working over the years that may have something to do with the problem, but who knows. (It still doesn't work) I run clover and I can't boot to the installer with a bootable USB or directly. I'm at my wits end and would love any help I can get. Thanks.