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    Medion Akoya X7811 DSDT

    Hey, thx for ur help so far, this is my IOReg. Do think my patched DSDT and boot flag ForceHPET would work ? Markus Markuss Mac Pro.zip
  2. markuspaschi

    Medion Akoya X7811 DSDT

    Thank you very much One question still, is there any chance using applecpupowermanagement, when i have no option for HPET'S in bios? I always get no hpets available KP.
  3. markuspaschi

    Medion Akoya X7811 DSDT

    Hey guys, I finally got my Medion X7811 working with dual boot Win8.1 and Mavericks 10.9 Everything is working fine so far except some problems. First of all, im not using any DSDT file, I extracted mine with MaciASL and tried to compile it but there is already? a compiling error. Other Problems im facing is, that i get an No HPET's available cpu's configured incorrectly KP if i delete NullCpu(PM). My Bios has no option to set HPETS and 64bit mode. Other small Problems: -no sleep working -Battery not showing right information (0%) -PowerManagement? Can u help me to configure everything or give me a hint to find more information, i kinda googled for 20h at least but with no working DSDT or equivalence. Thx in advice guys P.S. attached file my base DSDT as txt, i couldn't upload .asl dsdt.txt