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  1. SSDT Edit Causing KP

    Well I guess that rules that out (though, I'm glad to hear that, it means this will work). Looks like I didn't quite finish installing macOS. The installer added an extra boot option that seems to be the last part of the installation. It's estimating 33 minutes, though I'm not entirely sure I trust that number lol. Alright well the install finished and everything seems to be working right. Not sure why it didn't work the first time, but I guess it doesn't matter lol. Thanks for all the help Rehabman. At this point it's just the basic configuration stuff, trying to get iMessage and everything working.
  2. SSDT Edit Causing KP

    Alright, well the installer finished. I'll re-install the FakePCIID kexts, though when all I had were those kexts and the DSDT/SSDT edits+clover config it wasn't working. I'll upload a zip with the ioreg, config.plist, and patched DSDT/SSDTs when the kexts are re-installed. Could part of the problem be that I'm on macOS Sierra, so the kexts changed or something?
  3. SSDT Edit Causing KP

    I did it as per this guide. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/304267-intel-hd4400-full-qeci-in-yosemite-1010210103/
  4. SSDT Edit Causing KP

    Odd that it appears that I removed those, since I patched them. One of the guides I saw to get QE/CI working (it was for Yosemite, but I figured it was worth a shot) basically had me go through and add the FakePCIID kexts and then modify Azul/HD5000 so that my card would be "supported." This was what I tried after the-darkvoid's guide didn't work. Do I just use the install usb and run the installer from there, or from the recovery partition (or does it matter)? Sorry, just not sure what specifically this installer does, installers for all other operating systems I've used wipe the partition you install to.
  5. SSDT Edit Causing KP

    I just want to make sure I did this right. I found a version of IORegistryExplorer (2.1 like you said) then just immediately saved it as lcronosioreg. I didn't need to search for anything in particular within IORegistryExplorer right? Oh I also thought I should mention, I was reading through your guide on editing DSDT/SSDTs for the battery patch and thought I should mention that the one in your repo for the Pavilion (there was only one) worked on my Pavilion 15t-p000. I didn't see it listed, but figured trying the patch wouldn't hurt (it was the only one my DSDT needed actually lol). Not sure if you wanted to add that model number to the list of ones it's known to work with or not, but though I'd mention it. contents.zip
  6. SSDT Edit Causing KP

    I'm still working on getting the graphics working and tried to follow this step (using the-darkvoid's intel hd4400 fakepciid guide on the other site) and while about this mac detects the card properly, it only sees it as having 4MB of memory which can't be right. I'm getting all sorts of graphical issues. Specifically what I did was install those kexts to /S/L/E, then use clover injection as per that guide (i'm sure you can find the one I mean easy enough). the ig-platform-id i'm using is 0x0a260006 and told it to inject 0x04128086 in config.plist/Devices/FakeID/IntelGFX which all should be right since this is HD4400 Mobile. I then tried the DSDT edit (using the patch from your repos) on SSDT-6 (since that was the only one MacIASL would let me apply it to.
  7. SSDT Edit Causing KP

    Well everything compiles now, and no more KP so I'd say that for the purposes of this thread it's solved. Thanks for the help One more question though, and if it needs a new thread that's fine, but when doing the battery monitor patches from your repo, what should I look for to decide where it goes? Like for brightness I knew to look for IGPU (or GFX0 originally).
  8. SSDT Edit Causing KP

    Sounds much easier than TextEdit lol. Thanks.
  9. SSDT Edit Causing KP

    Okay, thank you for your help. I think I may have it, just need to finish the edits. So I've been using Clover Configurator to modify my config.plist, and some of these were options I never set in the first place and as such can't find. I edited out the ones I could find from out of the quote. I don't mind editing the config.plist directly, I'm just not familiar with it's layout since I've relied on the Configurator for so much of this.
  10. SSDT Edit Causing KP

    Oh okay, thank you. I will give that a shot and then update this post to let you know how it went. Just a side question, what are the SSDT-3x through SSDT-5x files?
  11. SSDT Edit Causing KP

    Hmm, so without changing anything, just copying over the entire origin folder, then dropping everything except for SSDT-6 and SSDT-7 to mimic how it was before, it didn't cause a kernel panic. Strange. I'll get the original ones and the KP in a second. EDIT: Okay so to get the KP to fire, I needed to have the edited acpi tables in that zip in the patched folder then make sure that drop OEM tables was off (I've changed config.plist a little as I added a new entry and needed to adjust it so the hack would boot, just not with the edits). Okay here is everything. acpiinfo.zip
  12. SSDT Edit Causing KP

    Okay, EFI/Clover/ACPI/patched/* and config.plist are in the .zip above. I can get EFI/Clover/APCI/origin/* when I get the KP picture.
  13. SSDT Edit Causing KP

    I can't pull it up know, but in about 4 hours I will upload a picture of the KP. As for the ACPI setup, what would be the best way for me to provide details on that?
  14. SSDT Edit Causing KP

    However would that impact the kernel panic I'm seeing? Also thank you for all the development you've put into the hackintoshing community
  15. SSDT Edit Causing KP

    I was reading through another thread on here and came across this from rehabman. Could this be part of my issue? I just pressed F4 when booting CLOVER and started using MacIASL, so I never actually did the "iasl -da -dl *.aml thing. Also on a semi-related note, what are the SSDT-x4 and SSDT-x5 files? Or more specifically why do those files have an "x" while others don't?