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  1. Essential Applications and Utilites

    ReadIris: Convert Any PDF, image etc to a Text-editable document. TubeTV Download Youtube Videos directly for viewing off-line or to your non-IpodTouch Ipod.
  2. XP como predeterminado

    Tienes que marcar la particion Windows como activa: Paso -1: Respalda tu MBR. Si no sabes como, lee hasta abajo. En windows (como admin, o usuario administrador): Paso 0: Descarga el chain0 (está en tu disco de Mac, lo puedes leer desde Windows) -Copialo en la raiz de Windows (ejemplo, C:) -Abre el C:/boot.ini (es un archivo oculto y de sistema.....espero sepas como solventar esto) Y agrega una linea hasta abajo: C:/chain0 ="Mac OS Leopard" (la diagonal va al revés...perdon pero no la encontr´é en mi teclado) Con esto habilitas a Windows para poder arrancar tu Leopard Tiger o lo que sea. Despues, tienes que hacer que windows arranque por default. -Click en inicio>click derecho en Mi PC> click en administrar -En la ventana que aparece, da click en "Administrador de discos duros" (a la iquierda) -Luego a la derecha, click derecho en tu particion windows y ponle marcar como activa. Y listo. 2 cosas: -Windows pondrá por default 30 segundos para escoger entre XP u OS X, lo puedes poner a 1 segundo si tu ya planeas arrancar OS X sabes que tienes 1 segundo (mas que suficiente). Esto lo cambias en inicio>ejecutar>msconfig, busca la pestaña de boot, y cambia el boot time out de 30 a 1. -Cuando escojas "Leopard" desde las opciones que te brinda Windows, aparecerá el cargador de Mac (no estoy familiarizado con la terminología, pero creo que se llama Darwin). Sin embargo, este cargador, tendrá por default Windows, así que ahi tendrás que volver a escoger tu partición de Leopard. Esto NO se puede cambiar, pues el cargador de Mac no se puede condifurar en ese sentido, y siempre tendrá por defecto la partciión bootable. Espero te haya servido. Respaldo del MBR: -Camino "fácil": consigue un respaldador de este sector del disco duro. Algunos antivirus lo hacen. Una vez que tengas el archivo (512 bytes exactamente) subelo a internet. Lo que harás no es muy peligroso, pero si algo sale mal, tu sistema quedará sin poder arrancar, y con ese respaldo deshaces los cambios. NO vayas a pensar que tendrás que formatear la máquina si algo sale mal....Solo tendrás que restaurar el MBR. -Dificil: Con un editor hexadecimal (como por ejemplo frhed v0.6 BETA) o con el comando dd que puedes correr desde un live CD linux, extrae el MBR de tu computadora. Subelo a internet. El respaldo no es necesario, ya el MBR se puede arreglar si sabes lo que haces, pero si no sabes es más fácil tener un respaldo. En ambos casos, restaurar o arreglar el MBR lleva casi el mismo tiempo (arrancar desde un live CD o diskette y restaurarlo). No diré como restaurarlo, pues no debieras tener fallas. Si las llegaras a tener, te ayudo a restaurarlo.
  3. If you won the lottery....

    The big issues? Hahahaha As soon as i get the money, i would be starting to make hobbie movies. I would make a really big party...or two...or three. Lot of alcohol (like bathing in it), Zoe the band playing (Mexican band), or Cafe tacuva, dont know. Some pistol shots to the air (cool, uh?). I would pay a really cool travel with all of my friends to Cancun, or to another country, and after that, one with my family. I would make of Santa Clauss with all those boys living in the streets. I'd buy a really cool house for my mom, its her dream, and a really cool car for my dad. For my brother, i would buy him whatever he wants. Then i would buy a house (a modest one), and give it to the first poor person i see. He would be nuts, just like me winning the lottery. All the rest? To have a monster fu+cking killer PC with OS X, or just a Brand new Mac Pro, and one of these: little departament, or a house far away the city. That place would have lot of beer (like one or two for a day), and i would be writing, composing, painting, till the money is over (i would just need to pay basic services, and my food, and the person who makes the food -a beauty rural woman, of course-). Who knows? maybe my music makes me living. Oh god, now i want lottert
  4. what made you switch to mac?

    For me, the best OS released was XP. Till i saw Apple's Tiger. -Loads up significantly faster than XP and (much more faster) than Vista. -I dunno, but Vista gives me the impression to have a lot of places to look for when you're trying to set a simple config. Mac is so more transparent in this sense. -Here in Mexico, its strange to have a Mac (well, with the TLC, its starting to be more common to see some MacBooks around). But it is even more strange to have an OS x in a PC. I feel really cool when people ask me "is that a mac?" (i put a sticker bundled with my iPod mini back in my laptop, looks good) Then they see thats its really OS X. - To be different and original. Dont know about usa, but again, in Mexico is not common a Mac. -Earlier, i used linux. I use it a lot cause i administrate a little mail server in my University. But, for me, it has a lot of incompatibilities....dont know, i just dont feel comfortable in it. Even less because its in English. I can use XP in english cause i memorized everything, so i really dont read the menues. But If something is in english, i just dont feel with it. -But, most of all: I've been using my hackintosh over 3 months. Messenger, Office (even those are nicer in Mac), the dashboard is really cool, the "move your pointer in a corner to get the desktop, or all windows". I had to use my Desk PC (Vista on it) and i really felt annoyed with all those f*c**ng dialog boxes: "Updates available, virus DB is not updated", and the "are you really sure you want to run this? click Yes..."Sure?" click on Yes!, then "Really sure?" and finally clicked on "Ok! No! I understand anything can break Vista". -I left my Vista PC downloading ******* in Bittorrent, and it was trying to restart because of some updates needed to take effect. What? I didn't told you to restart. Had to kill the process. And when i woke up, guess what? fuc*ing vista had its way and restarted. But it didnt updated well, and it crashed. My PC was turned on in the Boot stage beacuse of Vista. Angry, fixed it (not so big problem). Disabled AutoUpdate, and now what?? "Automatic Updates are turned off, click here to learn more" Learn More??? You stupid vista have to learn more about respect!!! And oh i also was about to forget that in vista, or XP, it just ignores you when you're trying to do something. Example: You open an IE windows. Click on the location bar. Start typing, and in the middle of that, it loads something else, and gets the focus, and you have to click once again. And its often. Tiger do this too, but not so often. I feel like Win says "i dont care what you're doing, im your only OS and you own me respect" -For me, Windows is like a woman hard to please (update me, buy me more ram, patch me, fix me, i dont feel like....etc). OS X is just a worker for you, and it is really excited about working for you. Bye!!
  5. Lucid Dreaming

    I always dream before sleeping. I dream of flying, of course. Thats my favorite hobbie in my dreams. To be falling, to fly, etc. Here some dreams i have had: 1. Stoling a bike of someone. He was very angry. When i remembered that dream, awoke of course, eating my lunch, i was like "haha, you idiot!!, you will never see me again" lol sorry but it was kind of cool to get away from someone who was in your dreams 2. I have controlled my dreams from time to time. It is cool, specially when its the flying dream. I can fly, and i know its a dream, but still enjoy it, cause i dont worry of falling or something. 3. The worst, its the called "se te subio el muerto" (here in mexico). You see nothing, everything its black. Suddenly you begin to try to move, but you can't. Then you get a little bit scary. You try to scream for someone near you to wake you up, but again, you can't. It's even worst when there is not black, but someone trying to killing you. Etc. Dreams are so cool. Much more than having a hackintos
  6. get knoppix 5.1+ open a terminal run sudi -i, then cfdisk and make the 4th partition bootable. (your Leo). save changes and restart. thats it.
  7. I'm gonna put some information about the boot process, and so of the partition system used. Theres an old chinesse proverb: "Dont give fish to the hungry man, teach him how to fish". I wanna return something to this forum because i got an almost fully working laptop with Mac OS Tiger (SD card reader not working, mic doesnt deactivate speakers, and rosetta problems). Sorry but i dont speak english pretty well, so you will have to conjeture what im trying to say. Partition system: You have a hard drive of certain size. It is a de facto standard that this hard drive can at most have 4 primary partitions. This is beacuse the first 512 bytes in the hard drive have a little code (i think its called bootstrap code, or mbr code). Its in the first 446 bytes of your drive. The next 64 bytes (446 to 510) are supposed to describe the way your hard disk is partitioned. It takes 16 bytes to fully describe one partition: 1 byte to know if its bootable or not. Another byte to say the filesystem type within that partition (0xAF for mac, 0X07 for NTFS and so on). 6 bytes to know the CHS (Cylinder Head Sector) of starting and ending sectors of partition, and 8 bytes to know the Starting and ending LBA address. This makes 16 bytes in total. Thus, with 64 bytes you can only have 4 primary partitions. When XP installs on your hard drive, and you make a partition that does not uses all of your hard drive, XP writes down to the MBR the entry for that partition. So you have just one partition entry. That is, XP created a partition, but the rest isnt registered as a partition. Its empty both in the physical space in the hard drive, and in the partition table of the MBR. When you insert Leopard install DVD, it reads the MBR, and only "sees" that partition created by XP. What you need to do, is to CREATE the other partition entry in the MBR's partition table. In Windows: Start - Right click on My Computer, Manage. In the window that appears, go to Disk Manager (not sure, my XP is in spanish...). You'll see your XP partition and another "Unused space", "unpartitioned", or whatever. Right click on it and give it any format (NTFS-FAT32, doesnt matter, as you will re-format it with HFS+) Restart And install Leopard. Boot Process For this purposes, im only gonna descirbe that part of the process that puts the OS in memory. Once BIOS checks devices, starts cpu, etc, it starts reading the MBR code of the primary IDE's master drive. This code is executed by CPU, and what it actually does is read the partition table (first 446-510 bytes in that drive). It is looking up for the bootable partition, wich is called the active partition. The byte indicating that it is bootable should be set to 80 hexadecimal, otherwise should be zero. Once it finds that partition, it goes to the first 512 bytes of that partition, and makes sure it is really bootable (checking the called magic number -last 2 bytes of first sector should be 55aa hexadecimal). If it is, then starts to execute the code in the first byte of that partition. All of this is almost OS-independent. Once the partition is starting, in the case of Windows, it loads the NTLDR executable into memory (located in C:), wich in turns starts windows. It reads the C:/boot.ini file, wich can allocate all the OS bootables from Windows. In the case of a Mac, it starts and has its own bootloader (i guess its called darwine, dont mind me). Now, why all of these? First, you can never screw up things by installing OS in diferent orders. For example, if you install Linux GRUB it changes the MBR code. Formating the Linux Partition and installing Windows there or Mac or whatever, is gonna make you an unbootable system. All you need to do is "repair" the MBR so its one generic MBR code (GRUB is not). Second, adter installing XP and Mac you can decide wether to start Mac or XP by default. You can also choose wich one will be the Loader: Mac's Darwine or XP's NTLDR. I personally prefer NTLDR because its configurable via the Boot.ini, adding anything you want. Darwine can only start the 4 primary partitions and there are no more options. Also, Darwine will always start by default the active partition, and Windows's NTLDR allows you to choose any OS as the default. The default bootloader (Darwin or NTLDR -btw, NTLDR stands for NT Loader) will be that located on the active partition. So if you want to make Mac the default OS, you can make its partition the active one, or you can putting an entry in boot.ini then making it the default. Etc. All of the little description about boot process and partitioning system, should let you be able to repair any damaged installation. Its often a little mistake that makes a system unbootable, and, for only 440 wrong bytes, the most of the people will reinstall everything from the beginning. Get a Live CD (Knoppix, for example), and learn to use the dd linux utility. In any case, its most likely you will need the chain0, the code that properly boots Mac. It should be located in the Windows Partition as a file, and add the entry in boot.ini. Or you can put it as the MBR code, so it will load Mac directly. Any question, ill be here to help.
  8. NVidia fx5500 256MB FULLY WORKING!

    Thanks Thico!! Now i have nVidia 5500 FX fully QE/CI Had to remove AGPGart btw Pentium 4 with 512+256 RAM Not sure, but i guess its not SSE3
  9. Hi everyone, this is my first post, i guess. Well, my experiences: I had installed Myzar 10.4.5 DVD and the video was just great (QE/CI) on my dell xps m140 (Pentium Dothan, 1g RAM, intel 915) and ethernet, too, but since there was no audio at all, i had to upgrade (in fact, format-reinstall) to JaS 10.4.8 PPF1 and 2 so i was able to apply the AppleHDA Patcher. First, installed only with support for gma900. Some problems with partitions. Once i got to start (with external monitor) it showed me some weird blue rectangles over a (dont remember exactly) black? screen. Installed gma950 and cheated the gfx with that famouse dongle (specifically, 1-6, 2-12, no resistors) and then started with my lap LCD. Started the registration process...bla bla bla. First thing to check out, system profiler...and then im here, because i didnt get QE/CI. Ive not sayed anything at all so far, but i need some help so i can be a helper. Question: What is Rosetta? I mean, as i remember some post, some of you got your gfx to work with QE and CI. Why do i need to run QT in Rosetta? Question: What old kext files do you use? i mean, from wich "distro" are they? Myzar? Because, if I got to work my gfx with QE/CI using Myzar's 10.4.5 i think i can install it on a Virtual Machine and then grab those old kexts. But since im a mac newbie (beginner, stupid, kid....wherever) i feel a little lost around here. Plz someone answer my questions, so i may me able to help. Sorry if there are any writing errors....dont speak english pretty well. (Viva México!) Greetings, and congrats the hard work. Im joining you PS I would buy a gfx card, but im stuck : this is a laptop. Enough problems with the Desk PC hardware to be suffering with this BTW any fix for broadcom 440x ethernet? Guess Audio wasn't a good trade for QE/CI and Ethernet
  10. Nice guide. I messed up my mbr and 1 extended PBR because of that problem with the partitions order and Mac Installation(i put last partition as 3rd, and 3rd as last). Took me a lot of reading, wiki, ntfs.com etc. Guess most of what i learned is here. Ive a question: Is it really impossible to change the default value of the mac boot loader? Guess I'll have to make active my Mac partition and from there load win. I had win as active and the chain0 on its root directory, added the C:\chain0 to boot.ini