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  1. Rafael Gaspar

    GeForce 6200 AGP on SL

    Hi, I have an AGP GeForce 6200 that worked well on Leopard with almost all of the injectors(NVdarwin, NVEnabler, NVInject, EFI Strings, etc) but on Snow Leopard it just boots on a blue screen and then the blue screen changes to a darker blue and then back to the first blue and so on. Only with NVinject I got resolution change, but not QE/CI. I heard on #snowleopard@osx86.hu that SL doesn't support AGP, but I checked IOPCIFamily.kext(that is where the driver for AGP resides) source from darwin 10.6 and it mentions AGP support, so i don't think they dropped the AGP support. Anyone got any success running SL with AGP VGA's?
  2. Rafael Gaspar

    Patch SSE2 with no NX/XD now works!

    Anyone got the AppleI386PCI.kext for PCI->AGP on this new kernel?