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  1. AbhilashSathe

    Donation related query

    Great! \m/
  2. Last week, I donated 10 dollars to insanelymac, however, I can't see any kind of information related to that in my profile. Just wanted to make sure whether it has been received by insanelymacforums.
  3. AbhilashSathe

    Bluetooth not working after wake from sleep

    Thanks. That worked.
  4. As shown in the screenshot, whenever I wake my Hackintosh Mojave from sleep, it doesn't work at all. When I click on the bluetooth icon, it shows Bluetooth not available.
  5. AbhilashSathe

    10.14.1 - Minimum Brightness is too bright

    Worked like a charm. Installed the kext in Library/Extensions
  6. Ok, so I recently updated to 10.14.1. Couple of things over here. AppleBackLightInjector.kext is not required anymore. You just need to have SSDT-PNLF.aml patch and your brightness should work. However, there is an issue that I'm facing. The minimum brightness is too bright! What should I do? Everything works fine though, the slider, the increment/decrement of the brightness...but the lowest brightness level is still very bright.
  7. AbhilashSathe

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Can someone help me?
  8. AbhilashSathe

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    I'm on macOS Mojave right now. ALC283 - Laptop (Dell 7537) I'm currently using AppleALC.kext inside Clover->Kexts->Others Inside Clover->config.plist I have tried various layout IDs using alcid=*whatever the layout id is*. However, there is an issue which is as follows. With layout-id 3/11/66, both, internal speakers and headphones work. However, through headphones, the audio sounds like an echo with mostly music and hardly any vocals. Internal speakers work fine though. With layout-id 1/2- Headphones sound perfect (without any echo like sound or distortion). however, internal speakers (my laptop speakers) don't work at all. And sound properties inside System->Preferences shows Headphones even after I unplug them. Basically internal speakers output device doesn't show at all. What should I do?
  9. AbhilashSathe

    AppleALC - Layout ID confusion

    I'm currently using AppleALC for audio patching. The problem is as follows. With layout-id = 2, headphone sound works perfect. However, the internal speakers are seen in the output devices. With layout-id = 3, both the devices, i.e. headphones and speakers, are seen in the output devices, however, the headphones sound is like a karaoke one. Only music, vocals are hardly audible and there is like an echo like sound. What should I do?
  10. AbhilashSathe

    AppleALC - Headphones output a karaoke like sound

    I have managed to fix this by using layout-id = 1.
  11. AbhilashSathe

    HDMI not working

    Yes. And I have also disabled my built in NVIDIA card.
  12. AbhilashSathe

    HDMI not working

    HDMI worked fine until High Sierra. However, now, when I connect the cable to my monitor, there is no display on the monitor at all. What should I do?
  13. AbhilashSathe

    AppleALC - Headphones output a karaoke like sound

    The method I'm currently using is using AppleALC kext inside clover->kexts->others And alcid=3 in boot flags. That's it.
  14. The speakers on my laptop work fine. However, the headphones sound quite weird. The sound output is like a karaoke where I'm hardly able to hear the vocals. Only the instruments are audible. It's like when a headphone jack ins't injected properly. Any suggestions?