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  1. ACPI (DSDT) Patcher for BIOS and AML

    Thanks. Finally, it will not be a Windows program but a website with PHP generator and an automatic database (I already own the domain name), so it will be OS independent and access will be easier.
  2. ACPI (DSDT) Patcher for BIOS and AML

    Hi, Sorry for not answering for so many time. I got a lot of work and cannot work on this project anymore. I'll try to start back the project by 19th, December 2009, but I don't have the source anymore. It will be based on all the improvement made this year, and it will be a Windows program since I don't have hackintosh anymore. It should be a simplified DSDT editor, with an extended hardware compatiblity. Please, could you post links to DSDT patches topics made this year ? Thanks
  3. plantage au lancement de la musique

    Je pense qu'il essaie d'afficher sur ecran externe, ne met pas de kext pour la CG pendant l'install ou choisi en un autre...
  4. If you try to install Vista SP2 X64, it's likely you'll get this error : E_FAIL(0x80004005) if you're dualbooting Vista/OSX with Chameleon bootloader. There is two ways to pass this error : -Remove the disk which contains OSX and only keep the disk with Vista, install SP2 and put the 2nd disk again in the computer (if you have 2 HD) -Remove Chameleon with Fixboot/Fixmbr with Vista DVD and install SP2, then reinstall Chameleon (if you have 2 partitions) The problem can also occur if you have an empty partition (without Chameleon or Mac partition).
  5. It seems to be working, like all the others. But in fact it's not. If you fill your RAM it will corrupt graphics and KP. For the power icon, in 10.5.6, everyone get this icon.
  6. Hello, Am I the only one who have 'POP' sound when using the green audio output with Signal64 DSDT.aml + Audio kext ? I'm using 10.5.6 and I disabled HDMI in BIOS.
  7. Signal64, video memory mapping is in DSDT, the table you modified is the memory allocation for ACPI tables. There is a MEM section in IGPU, I think we need to modify this to DFI one. But this section is veeeeeery long (1/4 of the DSDT !). It will require a lot of work but we can do it. I think changing BIOS version will not change anything. Could you confirm after your 9300 VBIOS test ? The best thing to do is to try loading DFI dsdt directly and then correct it.
  8. combien de hackintoshs sur la planète ?

    En France pas très connu ... Ca reste le troisième pays à visiter netkas.org si on en croit les statistiques.
  9. If you use patched BIOS + DSDT.aml it's like you use original F3A since the only part modified in the BIOS is overrided. And you don't have to delete Don't Steal Mac OS X.kext.
  10. Installation OK, mais pas de 1er boot

    Bonjour, les deux problèmes ont des origines différentes : -pour iDeneb, démarre en cpus=1. -pour Kaliway, tu dois supprimer AppleIntelCPUPowerManagment.kext ou mettre un disabler.
  11. Signal64, here is the VGA BIOS module with fixed NVCAP. I didn't try to integrate it in a BIOS. I extracted it from DFI, corrected NVCAP with Gigabyte one and corrected the checksum. I'm not sure it will work since because it's difficult to understand NVCAP location in BIOS. The NVCAP is recognized correctly in NVCAP Maker 1.4. I let you test it, I don't have my PC during week, only week-ends. NVCAP : 0400000000000100020000000000000700000000 9400DFIGBNV.zip
  12. Nvidia GeForce 9100 - QE/CI & Résolutions

    NVKush peut-être, c'est le seul pour les 9400 onboard qui fonctionne.
  13. Ga-P35-ds4 avec plusieurs disques dur.

    La solution est surement de changer cette ligne : - Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode : IDE Le lecteur ne sera pas disponible le temps de la sauvegarde mais cela semble être la seule solution.
  14. What is the NVCAP so I can integrate it in the BIOS ?
  15. retail ou pas retail ?

    Ton DVD n'est tout simplement pas retail c'est certain. Les seuls DVD retails s'achètent en boîte en magasin ou sur l'Apple Store.