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    GTX 980 Ti driver

    if that doesn't work,you can always try setting your graphics resolution manually. so if your TV uses 4K you can type as a boot flag in the clover config ; Graphics Mode=3840x2160x32
  2. i was somewhat aware of that,but how does the video card interact with the keyboard? mine simply doesn't react to anything since the SMC hasn't changed one bit after attempting to reset it. the caps lock light doesn't light up when i press it either. no backlight. should i just replace the video card then? if so,with what?
  3. i have this 15" macbook pro that powers on,but doesn't receive any sort of keyboard or video input. caps lock light doesn't work,same for the backlight. power light on the LCD bezel catch is on,however,and the HD/DVD all have their normal behavior. help?
  4. durpflip

    GTX 980 Ti driver

    nvidia drivers for OS X were mainly developped for reference models of the GTX 9xx cards. if you have an OEM version it might not work. it didn't work for my asus gtx 750 ti anyhow.
  5. durpflip

    Osx Mavericks Hackintosh Possible?

    nobody really likes distros here so if you're looking for support on that then you can consult the appropriate forums for them. you can also install a clean OS X on a USB using virtual machines to load myhack so if you have a beefy PC you could use that method. however,mavericks should work with your laptop if you're doing a clean install,not entirely sure about dual boots. i would also check for a cheap realtek wifi card on classifieds sites as most intel centrinos don't work with OS X.
  6. durpflip

    Windows 7 problems with Clover

    my fix was to boot recovery instead of the windows partition as the MBR in that is compatible with clover.
  7. if ever you have this problem,i think clover supports a GraphicsMode boot flag for 4K res. don't quote me on this,though...
  8. durpflip

    Permanently Banned From Tonymacx86

    i love how you notice their every move and do the best you can to make it look barbaric and wrong.
  9. my AMD machine specs are in my siggy. thanks.
  10. durpflip

    Permanently Banned From Tonymacx86

    truth be told i do agree that tmac is an elephant in the room. but i disagree that we should flame them for it. if we flame them,we're just breaking our own policies. we don't support tonymac. but every time someone says ''tonymac'' followed by some bigoted sentence,we support them,one way or another. we're promoting tonymac each time we hate on them. can't believe people didn't get the hang of this yet.
  11. anything from gigabyte should do the trick imo
  12. it's weird because the stick is labeled by OS X as ''4GB ???'' (it's 4GB crucial DDR3-1600MHz). using clean restore of mavericks 10.9 on a USB with chameleon legacy,UEFI wouldn't work despite having a good gigabyte mobo with UEFI support. i'll post the specs in siggy later on,no rush for answer so take your time. edit - posted specs in siggy.
  13. i can sign in,click the download button and everything,but when i click the button it goes gray for a second then doesn't download. in advance,i'm using chameleon on a USB to boot an SL retail disc.
  14. atom chipsets aren't supported in OS X since snow leopard methinks. you'd need a custom kernel,and for that you'd need mavericks.
  15. yeah some performance laptops have optimus,it only surprises me that a toshiba satellite,which my dad owns and only has an HD3000,had a model with a discrete graphics card...