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  1. autumnfilms

    Shop Cart USA

    wow, hey thanks guys... so check this out, I called USA photo nation, to ask if the camera was in stock, the d80, they said it was in stock and would ship within 24 hours... so I ordered it (before I posted this topic) and then called them back and they said it was on back order for 3 to 4 weeks, I then waited 3 to 4 weeks and they said it was on back order for another 6 to 8 weeks, hmm, sounds fishy, so I cancled my order, and posted this collumn to see if I should try other places. Now I know.
  2. autumnfilms

    Shop Cart USA

    so the site, shopcartusa.com has great prices on cameras, especially the nikon d80, $299 to be exact... so heres my question: are those sites trustworthy? I've called them each and none of them have it in stock with the soonest one coming in in three weeks. I'll wait that long, however I don't want to give up my credit card number to this site if it's a scam. Has anyone ordered a product from them, or does anyone have any advise? If your unfamilar with the site, check it out, it says it's 100% trustworthy and 100% garaunteed... is it true?
  3. autumnfilms

    Your Greatest Photos

    here are a few of mine, although all of these are taken on a 35 mm film camera, the nikon N2020, awsome film camera by the way...
  4. autumnfilms

    video compression

    hey thanks jonokti, that helps. I've been struggling over that for a while now... any ideas on title quality? mine suck
  5. autumnfilms

    video compression

    how do i compress a quicktime movie from FCE to a smaller file to upload to websites with out it taking an hour to load a 1 min movie
  6. autumnfilms

    Title Quality

    I'm working with Final Cut Express HD, and when i put titles in using LiveType via exporting a quicktime movie, or even using titles within FCE, it looses its quality even when i export to idvd and make a dvd finished project. any ideas would be greatly appreciated