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  1. Holy {censored} dude, you've done it. Went from a blank screen on 1 monitor to 3 fully working monitors now. Thanks!
  2. So you're saying I should go back to my GTX760?
  3. I originally had a iMac14,2 but was switching around to see if that helped. Unfortunately the config.plist you posted doesn't help :/ Still get a blank screen, and only 1 of my 3 monitors.
  4. Mobo: Z97X-Gaming 7 GPU: Asus Strix 1080 Config.plist - https://arxius.io/f/6c0d9190
  5. MacPro6,1 nvda_drv=1 NvidiaWeb=1 Lilu+nvidiagraphicsfixup+agdpfixv1.3 And a blank screen on boot. Any ideas? This is after disabling nvida on boot:
  6. Of course, just didn't know putting only 15F would work, so I just put the full build number and it didn't work. Trying now. Edit: Not working for me. EVGA GTX950
  7. Anyone get drivers working for 10.11.5 beta (15F18b)? Tried modifying the startup kext but it doesn't seem to work.
  8. Sweet, thanks. Now I know I can update without breaking my whole 3 monitor setup
  9. Err sorry, I didn't mean 14D127a, I meant 14D130a.
  10. Is driver 343.02.03b04 working with build 14D127a?
  11. Thanks for confirming. I was getting sick of seeing the 1 next to the app store not knowing if it would break my displays
  12. Anyone else have photoshop cc 2014 and experiencing crashes? Not sure if it's the 10.10.3 update or the nvidia drivers causing it.