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  1. My PC is not booting up. Whenever I try to boot into my newly installed Leopard, the computer restarts. I think Darwin is not using the right disk to boot up, but I tried rd= for every possible diskXsY and none of them worked. When I put -v I can't even see any output before the PC restarts. Anyone know what happened here? edit:Sorry for posting this in the wrong forum. Can a mod please move this to the post-installation forum for Leopard? Thanks.
  2. mrjoe

    nForce LAN driver

    I try 0.62.13n, but sometimes the network link just stops working. I wanted to update to 0.64 but the thing doesn't work so I went back to my backed up 13. Help, anyone?
  3. I need some help with multibooting Ubuntu, Windows XP and 7, and OS X (with Chameleon v2.0RC2 installed) over two hard drives: XP/7 on first drive, Linux/OS X on second. When booting from the second Chameleon detects XP/7 NTFS partitions on the first drive but when I go to either from Chameleon, they dont start properly (terminal-like cursor in top left). When I boot from the first drive, XP starts up and XP only, as XP was installed after 7 (previously had Vista but deleted it). Chameleon does not detect Linux drive (even OS X refuses to mount it with ext2fsd). When I try to restore the Windows 7 bootloader, the install disk won't even detect my installation of 7. XP's boot.ini doesn't allow much, but I think I can get 7/XP dual-booting from the first drive with OS X/Chameleon on the second. So the questions are: 1) Will installing Grub kill my Chameleon? 2) Can I somehow boot to the Linux drive from XP bootloader?
  4. 9800gt is very easy -- just install nvidia series 9 drivers v2 and then install nvinject v52.pkg choosing 1024mb. Then qe/ci and all screen resolutions will work. on first bootup if it shows a black screen, backup/delete nvdaresman and later on just install resman again.
  5. I have heard that that method works; however, instead I went ahead and installed, in this order, 1) The Nvidia 9 Series Drivers v2 2) nvInject v52 pkg A little bit about my situation before my first boot up: I had no video working, whatsoever so I went into single user mode and deleted NVDAResman.kext and started up fine. After modding efi strings nothing worked. After installing nvinject nothing worked AT FIRST. So then I installed nv 9 series drivers, which helped me get all my screen resolutions. Then came nvinject (reinstalled), and after that I had QE/CI. Then everything worked.
  6. All right I got 9800GT working (all resolutions and CI working, Quartz working but not extreme) except for QE by using nvidia 9 series installer pkg v2. NO EFI EDITING REQUIRED. Also I have NVinject 512MB / vanilla both v2.1. nForce ethernet also working with nForceLAN.kext (look it up). HOWEVER you do have to manually adjust the IP settings and stuff. DO NOT USE nForceEthernetController.kext, it does not work. USB needs some adjusting sometimes (unplug others except for mouse and keyboard then replug after 2 reboots )
  7. All right I removed 8800GT string and installed the GeForce 9 series installer pkg, which got me 1680*1050 resolution. HOWEVER my QE is still not working (however, quartz is). Please help? Should I go change it back to 8800GT?
  8. The problem is, I don't know how to add an efi string. However, I've tried with efi studio to modify the com.apple.boot.plist file and insert the big hex string. I used the 8800gt 512mb string.
  9. I've tried nvinject installer v52 for 512mb / vanilla, that didn't work. I'm a noob to efi studio, so I need a little help on that (yes I did google search extensively, and couldn't find a tutorial). I also have Chameleon v2 rc2 installed, which supposedly detects your video card, but I still can't change resolution from default 1024*768! I haven't tried NVIDIA 9000 Series Driver v2, but I'll get around to it as soon as I can. Has anyone else tried to get 9800gt working? BTW System Profiler detects the card as a 512MB card and Quartz (BUT NOT QE) is enabled. CI is "software", which is also bad.
  10. All right just to tell everyone I got the USB mouse/keyboard working by unplugging other useless things. That helped a lot. This is for noobs who might be searching on google for this or something.
  11. I have an USB mouse and keyboard, neither works during installation. In fact, I think none of the USB devices work during this time. They aren't even getting power from the computer. They work during the time when the BIOS loads, I can see the lights on them. They turn off once I get to the part where I press enter in Darwin. Once, for some reason, I plugged in my other mouse and it worked; however, I didn't have time to install OS X so I left both mice there. The next time, it worked but the DVD was corrupt. By the time I reburned it they even stopped working with both plugged in. Note that they work in Windows, so the main USB controller is not disabled. I don't have any PS/2 ports, so I can't really tell you whether those work. Additional information: my motherboard is an nForce 650i, however, the PC is a Dell XPS 630i, so the OEM modifications may make an impact.
  12. OK I'm sorry to bump this topic, but when I try to run iPC installer the USB mouse and keyboard I have don't work. Since all of us have the same hardware I wonder why it's doing this to me...
  13. OK I don't know about all of you but I happen to have an ethernet controller which is apparently MCP51. This is supported fully by forcedeth 0.61, which was ported last year to OS X. In fact: The bold one is my hardware ID. Since it's listed in the supported IDs, I am going to reinstall Leopard (I deleted it) and install the kext. Kext link is here
  14. That's nice to know (I haven't been on InsanelyMac lately cause of speed issues with internet) What is the seatbelt driver for?
  15. look@sig for some reason, I can download about 4 files simultaneously @ 1 MB/s from a Microsoft server, but the speed test sucks. I don't care about upload =)