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  1. Hello, joestramp! I succeeded enabling HD 2500! Tried many tutorials, but the answer (in my case) was setting the built-in GPU first in BIOS (instead of Auto or PEG). When you enable the HD 2500, you can't use the VGA port anymore (only DVI or HDMI)! You can tell the GPU is enabled when the grey menu bar becomes translucid
  2. xandde1

    Intel GMA 950 - 1920x1280

    Allan, apenas deixando um feedback... Não consegui ativar a resolução 1920x1080, mas contornei a situação usando um monitor menor (com resolução menor). Assim, a imagem fica com ótima qualidade e tá dando até pra rodar os programas de áudio sem QE/CI! Mais uma vez, obrigado pelas dicas e pela atenção! Abraços!
  3. xandde1

    Intel GMA 950 - 1920x1280

    Oi, Allan! Muito obrigado por responder tão depressa! Então... havia esquecido de mencionar no tópico inicial que mesmo utilizando a bootflag que você mencionou não consigo ativar o 1920x1080x32. A resolução máxima que consigo é 1280x768. Pensei, a princípio, que este poderia ser o máximo suportado pela placa de vídeo integrada, mas instalei o Windows 7 e consegui o full HD nele. Há alguma outra forma de habilitar a resolução máxima? Realmente, é bastante inconveniente ficar sem QE/CI, mas como estou preparando esse computador para trabalhar apenas com edição de áudio, creio (e espero) que não surjam grandes complicações. MUITO obrigado pela atenção!
  4. xandde1

    Intel GMA 950 - 1920x1280

    Boa noite! Tudo bem? Estou tentando montar um hackintosh com um hardware antigo que estava sem uso. Os componentes são os seguintes: Placa mãe: Gigabyte GA 945GCM S2L Vídeo integrado: Intel GMA 950 Processador: Intel Core2Duo HDD: Samsung 160GB RAM: 2GB Consegui instalar e habilitar quase todas as funções no Mavericks 10.9.2 (exceto o áudio, que solucionei usando uma interface usb). No entanto, não consigo, de jeito nenhum, ativar a resolução 1920x1080 com o vídeo integrado. Sei que provavelmente será inviável habilitar QE/CI para a GMA 950 com o Mavericks, mas seria possível ativar a resolução 1920x1080 sem fazer uso de uma placa gráfica externa? MUITO obrigado pela atenção!
  5. Wow! It's really simple... Hahaha But I couldn't find that info anywhere! Thank you! I decided to try Mountain Lion yesterday in order to see if I could get QE/CI without buying an external graphics card (and it works)! So I was able to enable everything (except audio, that keeps freezing/stopping the boot at " Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport "). Anyway, in case anyone face the Apogee Duet USB freezing issue, I just found out that it might be a power issue, since the problem occurs only when the audio interface is connected in one of the front USB ports! To solve the problem, just plug it in one of the motherboard's USB ports directly! There's one other issue about Apogee Duet x Mavericks... If you think that the Duet is taking too long to be recognized, just wait about 60 - 90 seconds. I don't know why, but enabling internal audio solves this problem. Thank you so much, Pimentel X86! You helped me a LOT!
  6. Hello! Thanks one more time for your patience, Pimentel X86! I'll try the VoodooHDA! Sorry to bother you with this newbie question, but how can I uninstall a kext?
  7. Hi! I've installed the OS X again and (almost) everything seems to be working great. I couldn't enable the HD 2500 graphics... But that's OK! However, I'm facing an issue with my main USB audio interface (Apogee Duet for IPad & Mac). The Duet is only compatible with OS X, but every time I use audio with any app, when I close this app, the audio interface freezes and I have no audio until I unplug/plug back USB. By the way, I didn't enable my internal audio (ALC 887). Couldn't find any working method! Don't know if it's relevant for the problem I mentioned above. Thanks!! Updating: enabling the internal audio solved the problem with the USB audio interface! It also solved the issue about not being able to boot with the USB audio interface connected to the port! Thanks a LOT!!
  8. I haven't tried the new installation yet, but I will as soon as possible (probably later today, when I get home)! Saudações, cara! Thanks for helping!
  9. Thank you! You are making my hack a LOT easier! I am downloading the OS X installer and then I'll follow all the steps you sent me! Actually, the Chameleon Guide in portuguese is perfect (I'm from Brazil, by the way)! As soon as I have news, I'll leave a feedback about the result!
  10. Hello again, Pimentel X86! I installed it using myHack (it was the first one I came across...). Then, I used some tonymacx86 tools (just found out that it's unsupported by insanely mac) and then i've used chameleon wizard to set some other stuff. Anyway, I'm afraid I might have installed the NullCPUPowerManagement at some point, but honestly can't remember if I did. I'll try the steps provided by your guide (which is so well explained, by the way)! Would the NullCPUPowerManagement be a problem for it to work? Thank you! Oh... by the way, just saw there's a message like "CPU model is unknown - power management may be incomplete" when I boot in verbose mode. However, it doesn't stop chameleon to normally boot OS X. Thanks!
  11. Thanks a lot for helping!!! Sorry for the newbie question... but how should I install this kext? Using kext utility ou just dragging it to the folder? By the way, I see that I have GeneratePStates=Yes and GenerateCStates=Yes in my org.chameleon.boot.plist (probably added because some tutorial related to my hardware told me to). Thank you one more time!
  12. Pimentel X86, thanks for answering! Actually I don't know if I have power management work, but I'm assuming I do, since I don't have any other issues! Graphic is working! But you're right... That's not something to really worry about, since all the rest is working good!
  13. Hello! I recently installed the OS X 10.9.2 using the following components: Motherboard - Gigabyte H61M-DS2H Socket 1155 CPU: Intel i5 3330 4GB RAM DDR3 Everything is running perfectly! However, I can't boot into the OS X while my audio interface - Avid MBox Mini 3 - is connected to the USB port (I get stuck at the Missing Bluetooth Controller error). So, I need to unplug the interface every time I'm booting and plugging it back only when the OS X is loaded. The strange part (at least for my newbie comprehension) is that my USB Wi Fi Adapter doesn't break the OS X boot like the audio interface does. Does anybody know if there's a way to solve this issue? *Some info that may be relevant (or not): > I'm using VGA output, even though HDMI works; > I did not install the audio driver / kext for my motherboard; > I'm using USBBusFix=Yes to enable USB ports in Mavericks OS X; > I do not have external graphics card. I'm using the HD 2500 that comes integrated with my CPU. Thank you so much!