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  1. i tried to get ubuntu working. i ve Windows and osx installed but i cannot boot ubuntu i think its due to clover maybe someone can help
  2. There is a fix for slow boot where u got to insert the uuid into the config file by using clover configurator
  3. there is an updated voodooHDA VoodooHDA 2.8.5 for Mavericks (Slice + AnV) (Signed!) - Developers ... it works for me and so far no need to repair permissions maybe some ppl can join and test it
  4. Take the efi (clover) folder that jah has provided yesterday. This is the keypoint i think
  5. keyboard brightness works like before by pressing fn + F1 or fn + F2. i swiched fn and F buttons a while ago u can do this by a shortcut but i cannot remember which one. edit : here u got Lock Function Keys - The top row of keys on Touch and Type Cover (1 or 2) are shortcut keys by default. Pressing Fn + Caps will swap the functionality to the F1-F12 keys
  6. i only have to press F2 to increase brightness and F1 to decrease. i am using Type cover 2 and the files i mentioned already
  7. Btw i am using the clover folder u posted yesterday. Maybe thats the reason why its working out of nothing I installed both yesterday
  8. well i've touch(commercial trail driver) working and brightness control. these are the drivers i used http://www.osx86.net/files/file/3568-new-109-intel-hd-3000-hd-4000-driver/ i can adjust by pressing F1 and F2
  9. I installed some driver Dont know if i am allowed to share them right here
  10. I think i am the only one who can ajust brightness in default display menu Edit: Even with original surface touch keyboard shorcuts xD
  11. NICE I'll give a try later EDIT: it worked perfectly:) it also changed my desktop wallpaper can't understand why
  12. i tried but without success. it would help me a lot if sb could share ssd efi directory with clover files.
  13. I cannot get clover to be themed the right way. it resets every time to clover theme with missing icons surface pro 128gb win 8,1 + osx
  14. running osx few days i noticed a minor sound bug casing bad sound output. to fix it i need to restart. additionally i noticed that starting windows first and do a restart to osx makes the orange led on the right side stay silent. btw why does my mouse courser stays bright when i use brightness slider to decrease light level:D surface pro win 8.1 128gb
  15. @ jahstories Is there any hope that we will get this working for everyone in near future?