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  1. @ellaosx save yourself from all these trouble. simply apply dsdt patches to fix your HDMI and the segmentation fault will just fix itself. for a test, use rehabman's fakepciid+HDMI Audio.plist injector and see it fixed the issue.
  2. Branch is usually gets updated first before making it to the main trunk
  3. @ErmaC r2656 now works because of r2646 commit Thanks!
  4. that is correct as for me, i used the latest trunk and reverted the changes from 2602 and compiled it.
  5. Onixs

    I can't perform first boot after installation

    try this http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=159990 not so new but worth trying. replace only the "boot" file in / . You should have 2637 afterward
  6. Onixs

    I can't perform first boot after installation

    iirc, some previous revisions of chameleon had reboot issue on some cpu/board. id try the latest from trunk as this was proven to fix those issue
  7. Here... for the timeout, set it in System Preference > startup disk configFixed.zip
  8. Onixs

    Install without custom ISO?

    @LexHimself x1000?? no bootloader??
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  10. This https://public.xzenue.com/downloads/?dir=FileNVRAM/trunk/77 ?
  11. Onixs

    Clover General discussion

    if iMessage works then leave SmUUID alone