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  1. Not yet However it's good to see them constantly improving their drivers. Better late than never
  2. Nope. This is all about Apples OpenCL drivers. And there is progress again, at least for Team Red The Hotel Lobby complex scene is rendering fine here now. This is in 10.11.2 dev beta 2 (15C31f).
  3. One unit rendering Sala, Tahiti XT (!) & El Cap DP8 again +160 pts, getting new alltime highscores with almost every new beta of 10.11. Edit, similar increase with LuxMark v3.1 final release and Neumann Mic, default compilers. +370 pts in DP8
  4. There's progress with the Neumann Mic medium scene on Macs, it's working fine now in El Cap no more errors. Might become a standard like Sala in v2.1. And yes same here, unfortunately still no way to get GPU only results from the Hotel Lobby complex scene. Luxmark 3.0 vs 3.1 beta 2 / 10.11 DP6 GPU & CPU, v3.1 beta 2 Hawaii or Fiji, anyone? Or Maxwell?
  5. Me too. I've modded the Sysprefs / Display pane accordingly works also in About this Mac / Displays.
  6. Inspiring. Ok I've used 3.0 (was accurate enough) and 3.1 Beta 1 (less accurate yet). 280X and a cMP 5,1 as well, on El Cap DP3 So Luxmark 3.0 and 3.1 results are similar but not going to be a fair comparison, as noted by the dev here. There's another interesting result. In good old Luxmark 2.1 & sala scene, the score with the same machine and 280X in Mavericks and Yosemite has always been 2400ish, see #109 here. Now on El Capitan I'm getting close to 2700..
  7. Some progress here... in DP5, for the first time Yosemite is slightly faster than Mavericks
  8. So far 10.10 is a step backwards performance-wise.. lost ~170 pts in Sala with DP2, compared to Mavericks. But the jury is still out
  9. 13E9, Gigabyte R9 280X w/ EFI