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  1. Intel NUC i5 hdmi sound problem

    Ok the noob with Nuc is back. Posting on a Fresh install after doing a lot of reading and it still doesn't sink in. I don't have a windows partition its a single boot set up. Boots without usb. Graphics are ok but running videos from tube stops after 10-30 seconds. I don't want to ruin this install. All works bar stop/start videos and audio. Sorry for my thickness. Ubuntu works spot on as I have it on another ssd. Its laughably frustrating but i know its a few clicks away from near perfect.
  2. Intel NUC i5 hdmi sound problem

    Right I am going to erase and start again. I have messed about since installing 10.9.1. I have done the Still no sound. When I installed Mavericks it installed with no problems other than the audio and updated by request via iTunes. I need to do a clean install, its only couple of days in. I want to know which boot loader is best for new motherboards. I really don't want windows on it, they called it windows for a reason...Pick one.. your going threw it. Linux is my next option as intel supports but no thanks. been there/ done that. I like my iNUC. Ohh and the easiest option is usb audio but who wants that. .
  3. Intel NUC i5 hdmi sound problem

    I have downloaded all the tools required. Just need to get the order of things right.
  4. Intel NUC i5 hdmi sound problem

    Is it me or is this complicated. I need a simple mans walkthrough. Help
  5. Intel NUC i5 hdmi sound problem

    Thanks will try tomorrow. Looks complicated.
  6. Hi, My first post. I have an Intel Nuc DC53427HYE which I have installed mavericks on. Everything is working fine but no audio via HDMI. Sleep, updates, iTunes etc work out the box. very quick and loving it but no Sound. Also will only boot with usb in. I can live with the boot thing for now. Any advice? Cheers.
  7. Introduce yourself.

    Hi, just passed me test to get to here, so here i am introducing my self. Another Newbi. currently running 2 versions, one on a Dell. snow leopard and the other on an intel i5 NUC Mavericks. Enjoying them both.