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  1. Just for those who do want audio input working, I installed the latest VoodooHDA and it now in and out work fine (noise reduction on input must be set to full in the voodoo preference panel, there is still some ambient noise, completely useable though. Don't know how good the mic is to begin with though). Volume button still works of course, don't know about input switching. I'm getting some kind of conflict with the touch-base drivers though, once they load the volume buttons stop working, and that happens regardless of voodooHDA or AppleHDA
  2. Yup. Tried Keyup but really didn't like it. Maybe it'll work better once it's updated, but for for now I don't find it usable. It's too tall and in the way. Also it doesn't have predictive text. I think the keyboard built in to the OS under Switch Control is 1000x better once customised, and it might also make it possible to make onscreen controls for games (like in iOS), since the keyboard can emulate mouse controls too. I've tested it out and works in theory, the only problem being that keys don't repeat once pressed. I'm talking to the Touch-Base guys about adding support for it in UPDD Gestures. Screenshot of keymap with high transparency in Stick of Truth: http://rhy.no/hackintosh/gaming%20keymap.tiff (Not really usable because of the repeat issue, but working on a solution)
  3. I figured it out! I added a custom home panel with a location tab that can be used to pin the keyboard to and show/hide button to wherever you want. I'm still testing to see if everything works ok, but so far so good. I'm going to make an english keyboard layout and an emoji keyboard soon, for now you can use my norwegian keyboard if you want (pretty much the same as english apart from the additional æøå keys), or customise your own. Just download my settings file, open "System Preferences > Accessibility > Switch Control > Open Panel Editor" go to "File > Open Active Panel Collection" delete any panels listed and then click "File > Import Panels" then select my file and save. Then click "Enable Switch Control". Choose a nice place to pin your button. I like having it on the bottom left since I have the dock pinned to the right side. I set mine up with HiDPI mode enabled at 720p. If you're using a different resolution, it might not fill the width of your screen. Link to file: http://rhy.no/hackintosh/Touch_Panel_Norwe….zip Screenshot: http://rhy.no/hackintosh/Untitled_.tiff http://rhy.no/hackintosh/Untitled.tiff Edit: Added an Emoji keyboard (just the smileys for now) and a number pad Turns out the keyboard changes depending on you keyboard language settings. Let me know if you something weird happens when you use it. Thinking about making a touch panel for gaming too. This might be fun Updated file:http://rhy.no/hackintosh/Active%20Panel%20Collectio.ascconfig.zip
  4. I figured out my airplay issue. I had to have nullEthernet added before installing the wifi dongle. Everything except bluetooth now works perfectly! I also found out that el capitan has a fantastic touch keyboard built in, with predictive typing. Its available under "Accessibility > Switch control". You can even customise it so it fits perfectly on the screen without being in the way. I was thinking of writing a guide on how to do it and share the keyboard layouts I made, however I am missing a fundamental feature. There is no elegant way to show and hide the keyboard. You can create a panel with a button that will show the keyboard, but when you close the keyboard the button becomes centred on the screen, and there is no way of anchoring it to a corner. So I was wondering if any of you brilliant people know of a way to create a script, app or terminal command that would quickly check and uncheck the "Enable switch control" button in the preference panel? I would be eternally grateful and it would make the surface pro hackintosh a lot more useable since this touch keyboard can be used to enter passwords in the login screen
  5. My boot stalls midway when I use the updated DSDT. I dont think the graphics derivers are initialising. I can boot with the ones included in the package just fine Thanks a mill for that btw I also cant get Airplay mirroring to work and can't watch netflix.. My graphics card is listed as "Intel HD Graphics 4000,,,,,," With 1536 MB for some reason. Any idea how to fix it?
  6. Exelent guide! Though I do have some issues if someone could help me out.. Sound output is working but no input and the buttons don't work. Once by accident the volume buttons worked although audio out wasnt working. Is there a way to check if the DSDT is being picked up? Graphics work perfectly but I can't play anything requiring HDCP and no AirPlay, so no Netflix.. System information shows it as "Intel HD Graphics 4000,,,,,,, 1024MB" Then sometimes the touchscreen does not turn off with the display and accidental touches wakes up the device.. Bluetooth does not work every other boot, I can't turn it off when it does work and stops working after sleep. Btw, quickest way to enable HIDPI that I found: Terminal: "sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.windowserver.plist DisplayResolutionEnabled -bool true" Use included "RDM" app to set to "1280x720 (HIDPI)" Putting the dock to left or right lets you run most apps fine like this..
  7. Hi! I finally got osx running on my ultrabook i3-3217U 1.80GHz 6GB Ram Intel HD4000 Working: Atheros AR8161 Ethernet (Working with ALXEthernet.kex) Intel HD4000 (Working with "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" and "HD4K-ig=3" Via VT1802P (Sorta working with "VoodooHDA VT1708S.kext) PS2 Keyboard and Trackpad (Sorta working with some PS2 kext i found but fn keys don't work and no multitouch support.. Trying to find something better, possibly Voodoo PS2 kext) Not working: Atheros AR9485WB-EG WiFi (Waiting for Broadcom card in mail) Touch Screen (maXTouch Digitizer (8807) Talking with some guy at Touch-Base) Looks promising though. Can't adjust screen brightness. I have no idea where to start with fixing that. Hope this helps some people out The Ultrabook was ridiculously cheep and works great so defiantly recommend it. Would also love it if anyone has any fixes or drivers that i overlooked
  8. [AMD] 10.7.3 Guide - Experimental Only

    anyone know how to repair permissions on an flash drive installation of osx? swaped out finder on the thumb drive but the "repair permissions" button isn't available on my other mac install when I plug it in..
  9. [AMD] 10.7.3 Guide - Experimental Only

    Confirmed on Asus m2a-vm with AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ thanks a million for guide
  10. Mountain Lion source code released

    someone already made a Atom kernel http://www.osx86.net...ernel_atom.html and heres the lapic http://www.osx86.net...fix_for_ml.html
  11. Saw this just now: http://opensource.apple.com/release/mac-os-x-108/
  12. tried booting with any flags? or it might be a bad disk. are you using burned dvd or usb?
  13. can't isntall other os on computer because of lion

    Unless I got the situation wrong, you need to restore an image to a drive? Correct? If you need OsX tools but dont have boot media like DVD, i try using Q (or other virtualization program) to boot from an image. If you install it to a virtual machine you can restore it to a USB drive (or internal drive) and it should work (remember to install Chameleon). A good workaround if you need to install from usb. I dont have a dvd drive and used this method a lot before I got a real mac.
  14. HI! I've been trying to install Lion on my system with the various AMD kernels floating about, but im not able to get it even close to getting to the install screen. I've seen that there are a few iso's around but none that work or have any seeders. From what i understand there is an issue with Finder and AMD but that the Finder from beta 2 works fine. I'm really interested in learning more about Osx86 and I would like to make my own install disk that will boot on an AMD system and install the beta 2 Finder automatically but my attempts have not been successful and I havent found a guide that explains it any better. All the guides I found state I have to have a working SL system and upgrade it, witch isn't ideal. What I was thinking was that I would transfer the content of the BaseSystem.dmg found in the app-store image and make the regular changes you would in order to make an intel install disk, add the new kernel and install chameleon. But that has (as I expected) not worked fore me. Does anyone know what files I would have to change in order to make it work and would be so kind as to help me out? Thanks!
  15. Help finding Tiger install iso?

    A user named Rlf pointed out that my search wasn't as thorough as I thought. Turns out there were plenty of torrents out there. But I will definitely try out snow leopard on the old gal, but doubt that its powerful enough though. Thank you all for helping out!