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  1. Hey guys, slightly off-topic, but I was wondering if it was possible to undervolt the CPU in MacOS since this cannot be achieved in the UEFI itself. I know this is doable in Windows with the Intel XTU Utility, but can I also do this in MacOS with a SSDT or something? The undervolt of the CPU I'm looking for is -0,150v, which proved to be stable during my testing period in windows.
  2. - I'm curious to know what audio glitches you have. Can you go into detail a bit more? The only problem thus far is that when you wake from sleep, sometimes the audio doesn't work and you have to plug in a headphone and remove it to get the speakers working again. - SD Reader: Not likely that there's going to be a driver, however I'm really considering hiring a developer through freelancer who can create us a working driver.
  3. I used the latest version of Clover Configurator (4.37.0), which has the SMBIOS generators for the MacBookPro13,3 and MacBookPro13,2 . Don't forget that you need to redo the iMessage procedure if you want to keep the apple services working.
  4. Only had some data corruptions when I was experimenting with Sierra before this guide came out. With the SMBIOS now set to MacBookPro13,3 , the system runs really well. It's my daily driver/video editing machine.
  5. I'm still getting the truncation error, despite following the steps of the guide as accurately as possible. Here is a screen dump of the system information page. Can anyone please help me out? I've also attached my fakeSMBIOS.kext and config.plist file for reference. Thanks in advance! EDIT: The machine displays itself as iMac 5K Retina, which was my previous SMBIOS. EDIT #2: So it seems that Clover Configurator received an update with SMBIOS options for the MacBookPro13,2 and MacBookPro13,3. The only method to boot for me was by removing the SSDT.aml file in the ACPI/Patched folder. FAKESMBIOS + CONFIG PLIST.zip
  6. Is it though? The XPS 15 9560's only substantial upgrade is the upgrade to Kaby Lake, right?
  7. I'm very sorry for the battle you had to deliver over at the dark side, and am happy to rejoice with you over here Wmchris! ~GameShine (TOGS)