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  1. i want to be clear that i am NOT asking for a link to any pirated files. i want a link to any threads or pages that give clear and in laymens terms directions for which files do what and how to patch without windows... nordaaa, thanks for the info about transmac, yet it wont help me do the patch because i am using osx on my machines.. anyone know how to apply the patch using linux or osx? please, i am not trying to right off the bat make enemies here... i did not expect such a cold response from the members... i still stand by what i said, i just cant find any really simple and clear directions thats all.
  2. i cant believe this thread has gone this long without one usefull link showing up. all you guys are going to do is flame me??? at least prove me wrong with a link???? like i said i am newbie and would love to be proven wrong and to find these magical online instructions i am obviously just "too lazy" to find right?
  3. i have that file, problem is i dont have a way to patch it because i dont have windows.. is there a osx way to patch?
  4. EBIOS error and error parsing plist....

    i dd to external usb2 hard drive. it showed up in bios and i told it to boot first, i am booting from it, i am in darwin, just not past that.. thanks so much... oh yeah, i do not have vmware....
  5. please, i swear i am not trying to be a smart ass... i would love to eat my words. i will gladly admit i was wrong, if someone can show me this... tell me the magic words you typed into google to get this answer i am missing... show me the thread that explains this...
  6. be nice.. this is exactly what i am talking about. dont accuse me of not trying...you dont know what i have been thru. well, someone prove me wrong.. show me a thread or a page that shows what i have asked for. i have scoured google and piratebay and instuction sites... still, no-one just plain comes out and says "hey, here is the most recent file names and here is the uptodate way to install". i want to know if there is an osx/linux way of installing from dvd. how do i apply the patch without windows? and, why cant i download an already patched dvd bootable inatller? like i said, some of the file names are not matching..
  7. yeah i have that file...what one do i patch it with? and how do i patch with only linux or mac osx system? all the patching instructions say how to do it with ppf on an pc. i need linux or preferably osx way of patching...
  8. i know im a newbie, it just seems there could be more clear details...
  9. been there, done that, give me some meat and potatoes... clear file names and what they do.. if i can find this info elsewhere someone please point me to the right place. i have been downloading and scouring the net for days... please tell the name of an already patched bootable install dvd????
  10. Ok, why is there not an already patched bootable install DVD for download? If there is, what is the name of the file? So all we have to do is download, boot from dvd, and install. AND can some people list the most recent and correct files for downloading and installing and which method they go with.... Some of the names in the install guides are not matching up... can we start a naming convention? like OSX86 VER 1.1.0 etc..
  11. EBIOS error and error parsing plist....

    I have an HP paviliion DV1000 laptop. I have the tiger-x86-flat.img It is a centrino chip.. Alejandra, you have a very sweet looking apple girl pic :-) I am in Darwin... I just cant get past it... Darwin/x86 boot v5.0.122 is what i am in... I am also downloading Marklar-Tiger-patch.iso I almost have it...2 hours left...it is 4 GIGs. does that make a install dvd? is it already patched? sorry i am so newbie..
  12. how do i change that? i noticed some people have mac stuff.. did they choose it? curious ...
  13. I have dd the tiger flat.img to usb HD and booted from it on my hp pavillon laptop. i am in darwin, yet it wont boot.. EBIOS read error device timeout block 6320991 sectors 64 and error parsing plist fileloading.... anyone know what i did wrong?