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  1. triple675

    Acer 3820tg sleep issue

    I'm using MacbookPro8,1. It's working fine. No sound issues here. I'm using VoodooHDA patched for AL269. I'll try to find the link and post it. No Luck with sleep yet. Any progress?
  2. triple675

    Acer 3820tg sleep issue

    Thanks I'll try your EDID. What boot options are you using? I'm trying with GraphicsEnabler=Yes and AtiConfig=Eulemur. Like I said before the VGA port works fine. LAN and sound are working? That's great! I can actually start using Lion. Where did you install the Atheros*.kext and VoodooHDA.../S/L/E or /Extra in EFI? I'll check if trackpad supports multi-touch. I installed 10.7 on a separate drive and without network support I have to keep swapping hard-drives. lol Update: Okay, I tried your EDID and LCD is working fine. Had a tough time finding Atheros1lc and VoodooHDA patched for AL269, but both Ethernet and Sound are working. I check the Touchpad and only mouse works. No scrolling or multi-touch. Thanks for your help. You right...sleep is a must, but at least I'm updating this post from my Macbook Pro. ;-) I'll work on the DSDT tomorrow to see if sleep can be sorted. Cheers!
  3. triple675

    Acer 3820tg sleep issue

    So far I've been unsuccessful in getting my 5470M detected correctly. With GE=Yes I get full support via VGA port but not via LCD. Try the EDID method and I get a garbage screen. I have yet to tackle Ethernet, Wifi and sound. Keyboard and Trackpad are working fine.
  4. triple675

    Acer 3820tg sleep issue

    Nice...I'm working on the same hardware. Just finished installing Lion. Your further than me but anything I find I will post here. Good luck!