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  1. The only device listed is AirPlay Source Apple TV Format: 44100.0 Hz 2CH-16bit Integer
  2. I just did so and still nothing. Under System Preferences > Sound > Output Only Apple TV - Airplay is listed no Line-Out, Digital Out, Built In Audio etc.
  3. I just tried repairing permissions and rebuilding cache with kext wizard to no avail. For the life of me I can't think of anything that I did differently the day that the audio stopped working. I just booted up and it wasn't there. Seems that many others have had little to no trouble getting this bug worked out.
  4. I have had my machine up and running for about a month now with no issues. Build and install of everything went smoothly. But now, a few days ago I lost audio all together. I have reflashed BIOS with 894M again, reinstalled Mavericks, and retried the Kings audio package in the legacy files from the wiki page. Maybe I have missed something, but I've read through much of this forum and can't find other troubleshooting routes to take. Any suggestions?