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    HTPC - Mac Mini - 320GB 7200RPM - 4 GB - Haupaugge HVR 950 - Eyetv - XBMC<br />PORTABLE - Weeeeeeee PC 1000he - OSX 10.5.7- Virtual Box - Win 8 - Ubuntu - - running flawless and 5.5 hrs battery<br />UNDER CONSTRUCTION- ASROCK ION Atom 330 - Soon to be a new Mini and then some<br />
  1. Asus P5QPL-VM EPU/CM5770

    ok so after being BURIED under work the last couple of weeks, FINALLY got a chance to play with the CM5570 a bit more. Here are my findings at this point.....other feedback is also appreciated! --Got a new BIOS, ordered a STOCK standalone P5ql-vm-epu version and it works! Can flash with other revs of the same mobo bios (Even modified) without the "incompatible ROM ID" message. --Need NVenabler64.kext to get the 8400gsNvidia to work properly, shows "Unknown NVIDIA" in profiler, but does register correct amount of RAM and device ID. --Board appears to have ALC887 chipset, so VoodooHDA is about the only way to go unless someone has a modified APPLEHDA.kext handy for 887? --BOOTS in about 20 seconds with a 7200rpm drive, 64 bit mode works, shutdown works, sleep is an issue. Goes to sleep, but wakes up right away....anyone have a fix for this? Next Steps: Getting ready to mod the dsdt.aml file to see if I can get the following issues resolved --Sleep and immediate wakeup --Internal drives show as external Other than that, seems pretty fast and stable! Overclocked with the 5% profile from the standalone bios and xbench gives it a 220 rating (minus HD). With handbrake/VLC combo it rips through a 2hr movie, blasting all 4 cores at 100 in 45 mins @ 70fps (Thats fast for older HDWE!) Anyone have any other experiences with this board and a modded bios? Would like to hear where you are at with issues. PS- Just flashed the attached Juzzi 0302 bios and do not see much diff from the P5ql-vm-epu stock 0601 to this version. will run with it this week and see how it works out. UN_WIRED
  2. Asus P5QPL-VM EPU/CM5770

    For those you that have a CM5770, I am in the process of getting a working SL build installed. At this point, I have been unsuccessful in flashing the stock CM5770 bios, even though it is supposed to be a p5ql-cm-epu motherboard, it is NOT the same stock BIOS as the stand alone version. I just ordered and installed the stand alone P5QL-VM-EPU bios and am truing to install once again. Does anyone have screen shots, or a listing of what the bios setting should be? I am currently trying a vanilla install (.dmg SL restore) and chameleon only via the USB version. Looks promising as I do see O.C. settings in my bios now that I did not see with the stock CM5770. Any other advise? Thanks in advance! PS- I am not able to flash the JUZZI 0211 modified .rom file to the new flash, still get the incompatible ROM version info. e-mailed my BIOS supplier to let me know if there is anything I can do to install this version, or if I need him to flash it for me. Will let ya know as it is only about $12 to have him do so to a new chip.
  3. Asus P5QPL-VM EPU/CM5770

    I just acquired a CM5570 system myself that is said to have the same P5QL-VM-EPU motherboard in it. Specs are a Q8200 quad core, 6gb Nvidia GeForce 8400gs, etc. First off, I tried to install the the modified ROM file below, but told me the ROM ID was not valid and it would not install it. Other than that, I have not gotten very far with my vanilla install of Snow Leopard. Have also tried the 3-2-1 method with just Leopard and just get KP's. Will add to the discussion any way possible to help you guys out. L8tr
  4. Hey all, been away for a few days, but back and hoping to make some progress on our ASRock Ion's! Something interesting I have seen on the audio using the VoodooHDA kext.....if you have the CPU under load, the audio playback is almost 100% perfect. Any chance this has something to do with HT? I am still running my vanilla 10.5.6 install with the only mofoed kext being the voodoohda.kext and removed the applehda.kext
  5. This last install, I tried an iPC build 10.5.6 with your DSDT file and there is still no go for the 2 cores. Even with my O.C. param's set the same as yours (Manual, 167mhz), I still ahve to use the CPU's=1 flag to get a boot out of it. See my CPU-X output below. Dont know why, but my values do NOT match yours in the spped categories. Any chance you will put your ORIGINAL 2GB of ram back in your system and try with a DSDT file config'd for 2GB, I would like to put my RAM theory to rest once and for all. Also, is the 4GB of ram you are using DDR2 or DDR3? Thanks! cpu_x_un_wired.tiff
  6. I have been working with a full str8t vanilla install of 10.5.6 up to this point. Only thing that I removed was the cpuintelpowermanagement.kext as I was getting an error from it. Will be trying again tonight. Strangely enough though, when I pop up activity monitor, I briefly for a second or so see 2 cpu's before it goes back to one. Have any idea what that is about?
  7. I am in the process of trying to figure out what the $%!$@ is going on with the DSDT.aml file, and why the majority of us cannot load it for 2 cores. At one point when I used a CPUS=4 variable I got a panic, where the other times it would simply reboot. My error was that it was expecting 2 cores but only found one on Die 0. When I checked my working DSDT file on my 1000he (Atom 280), and it had 2 entries for the proc even though this is a single core. It works fine with HT. Will post more updates later this evenining once I am done blowing some stuff up here.
  8. Hey Huzze- If you need the iaml util, you can find it in one of the packages from the iPC 10.5.6. It is called DSDT GUI patcher, and I just use the iaml util in terminal to decompile and compile any changes then you can dump the app when done to keep it vanilla. QUICK ASROCK IMAGE BACKUP/RESTORE........... THE ISSUE: I have experimented with this and found that after you boot an image for the first time on the ASROCK, and even create a full image, it will not boot up again (Hangs at the . Maybe it has to do with the UUID changing when you restore it? THE RESOLUTION: Although Shoarthings install guide is VERY straight forward and well written, I dont always have the time or patience to wait for a complete reinstall should something blow up. I have use a USB to SATA bridge and as we all know it can take about 50 mins to install even a base leo build to an external dive. I myself do not have another machine with internal SATA in it, cause I use a macinized 1000he. I have figured out a quick and easy way to reimage your ASROCK ION drive in about 20 mins (Depending on speed of the machine you use). I use my 1000he OSX, or Mac Mini machine to build a drive based on the guide above. TO BACKUP: 1.) Utilize Shoar's install guide above from a 2nd macinized machine. 2.) BEFORE YOU REBOOT or BOOT the newly built partition for the ASrock, make a FULL image of the partition that you just installed in Disk Utility. If D.U. gives a "Resource busy" error, remember you must unmount the partition you are creating the image from. 3.) Store away your 3.1GB or so image in a safe place for a fast restore. TO RESTORE: 1.) Format the CORRECT PARTITION or drive for the asrock build. I do more than one partion sometimes, but always use a GUID scheme so I can work on snow leo as well. 2.)After formatting, install the RC2 Chameleon loader and install your kexts and dsdt files accordingly from above. 3.) Use disk utility to restore the "Virgin, never been booted" image to the drive. BE SURE the "Erase Destination Drive" option is not checked or you will blow away Chameleon that you just installed. 4.) You MAY get an error that it cannot find and scan/restore info. If so make sure your image is selected as it appears under your drives, go to "Checksum" on the menu bar, select "CRC-32 Checksum image" This will take 5 mins or so and should be good to go for future installs. 5.) Restore the image, and boot from the ion as normal In any case, each time you restore and star this image up for the first time, you will get the "Welcome" screen and do the basic setup again. In my case, this saves about 20-30 mins each time I want to wipe a drive, and start over Hope this helps save you some time as it has me! Lets get this ASRock, rockin as a new HTPC!
  9. I am still 100% stumped as to why this works on your machine and not mine! Any chance you were able to go back your original 2GB of ram? This COULD (not saying it will) play a factor as the CPU has to be able to initialize all the ram it sees and if you have 4 and I have 2, there would be an issue I believe. Still trying some things every which way but loose right now to figure this one out! We need some other people input as well to figure this one out.
  10. I have to admit that I am as stumped as you are shoar I just got done reloading the drive with a true vanilla install from my Mac Mini with 10.5.6 retail. Upon the first boot I got the expected USBEHCI errors, but then it stopped at the mDNSreponder load and did not do any further. I "Believe" that UUID should not be an issue with the problem Poyson and I are having (Not able to load dsdt.aml). It shows up with a UUID OK during the boot and when it goes to access the root device. In any case, sounds like Poyson and myself have the same issue with the DSDT file, and would be curious to know if anyone else with this box is having the same issue as well. Shoar, any chance you still have the old ram lying around and can switch back to 2GB and try it? If we eliminate that issue. At that point, would it be a safe assumption to say there is a rev difference somewhere on the board maybe? Is there anyway to capture of the initial load script that runs by, a way to log it maybe via Chameleon? It flys by so fast, I cannot see what is going on at the tail end of it when the DSDT.aml file should be loading. Another thought, my curiosity as peeking, what if I restore a vanilla image from my mac mini to the ION? Will it work? We shall find out later tonight. For not, going to have a beer and rest the brain a bit! WE NEED MORE PEOPLE WITH ASROCK IONS!!!! If you have one, please test shoarthings a guide at the top of this post. Post a reply with your findings, bios rev, ram (2 or 4gb) and anything else you can think of! Thanks in advance! QUICK UPDATE: Just finished installing the 10.5.7 combo from my mini to my ION drive and everything came up as expected (Video, LAN), but still no matter what the &!%@$ I try, it will not load that DSDT file! I wish I could look at a Chameleon log to see what it is doing as it flashed by. Does KEF and the team have that functionality in RC2?
  11. Dont know about the docs purchase timeframe, but mine is dated 7/14/09. I know these are going out the door as fast as the "Egg" can get them in. Not much luck with snow last night either, it also imploded when being built on the same 1000he. When I get a chance, I am going to try and build the drive today from my Mac Mini and see what I get. Also interesting, the 10.5.7 combo update went fine last night, but that after I applied the 10.5.8 patch, it imploded and is back to stopping the boot at the headers line again.
  12. First off I have to say EXCELLENT write up shoarthing!!!!!! Bravo, this is just what the "dr" no pun intended ordered! I followed it 100% and before I had read up on this new thread, I was actually doing a similar install, but rebooting my hacked 1000he and just selecting the external drive from the ION, install went similar without issue, but again I have the same issue as before and one of the same ones Drpoyson is having also. For the record, I am running 1.50 bios Everything seems to work as it should at this point (video, LAN, USB 2.0 once they are plugged in after boot, are all good) but not unlike Poyson, I still have to use the CPUS=1 flag. A couple of possibilities of issues we may be having: 1.) I see Shoar, you have 4GB of ram where I only have 2GB installed, will the dsdt file need to be changed to reflect this difference? 2.) When did you purchase your hardware? As we all know, vendors can make rev changes to hdwe without notice and there may have been a "Bug fix" in the CPU maybe that changed addressing or something alike? Checkout the screen shot attached, looks just like yours, except the 4GB of ram. Again, great write up! PS- I have a Belkin F5D7050 also that I have used on hack's before, but once I updated this latest install to 10.5.7, it wont get a DHCP address, so will be working on this issue also. leo_ion_1.tiff
  13. I agree with this USB consenus 100% Could not figure out why it would sometimes work and others not. The issue here is USB 1.1 work at boot up, and then USB 2.0 devices have to be plugged in after the OS is up an running....at least this is what I found to be true when I had an external drive plugged in.
  14. I think I figured out what I was doing wrong (For the most part anyway) I was using the boot-132 disk to start the retail disk, and loading it from the other running hackintosh. When IO try the 132 method on the ION machine, all I get is a hang at dmos starting and then nothing. The disk I have a a restored ISO I lost the very virgin original copy, so this is what I am using. Also I think there was an issue with the boot loader, I THINK it was loading from the EFI partition AFTER I installed RC2 (EFI version) and there are not dsdt nor mkext file there. I also downloaded EFI boot loader 6.1 and working through that now. Questions I have: 1.) Did you do the version 6.1 EFI boot setup first? 2.) did you use the boot 132 iso out there to load the retail disK? Dont knwo why mine stops first at applesmbios (Unless it is because I have an apple keyboard on it), then I press space bar and it does on to stop at dmos starting....... and nothing from there on out. Do you have a multi boot system with Windows and OSX utilizing the EFI boot scheme? Help, advice, all of the above are appreciated! Will be taking a fresh crack at this tonight!.
  15. All very valid points and I am learning something with each reply! I am thinking that the fact I restored from an image is the problem? If I do a fresh virgin install from the DVD, it should setup the EFI partition again, right? Anyways, starting a new reload and will check on it tomorrow!