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  1. So, the new version does not work at all for all of us, except for new device entry in IOReg...
  2. kikiwora

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Hey, guys! I need some help here. Already tried to patch AppleALC and AppleHDA but could not fix my problem. I have Lenovo E530 laptop with CX20671 (CX20590) codec. AppleALC gives me audio with layout 0x0C and 0x1C, but neither of there works fine. The first one does not have an automatic microphone switch (internal/external), the second one does not have Mute option for output. Both does not allow to adjust internal microphone volume, and other layouts have even more problems - microphone does not work at all, no internal audio, etc. And also my volume levels and audio format (2 Chanels, 24 bits, 95 kHz) are forgotten after sleep/restart. I was told that this is due to wrong layoud/codec-id. I also already tried to change layout28 and Platforms, accordantly to my codec dumps, no luck. So I assume that I just can't do this on my own and need a community help. My codec dump is attached to this post. Pls, help. codec_dump.txt
  3. Oh, I probably should say, that my Card Reader is a RTS5229 model, just in case. BTW, is it normal, that previous version (Sinetek`s latest) wasn't working after sleep?
  4. There is no any information during boot process even with card inserted, but macOS still crashes a few moment later, when you're on a login screen. Ofc, I could just build something wrong. But I did it like I do with my own Xcode projects.
  5. Well, I can even give you my KP logs... Old logs related to old driver, most recent to latest driver version (at least latest at that moment). BTW, even an old driver has a problem - if I try to eject my SD card without ejection from OS, I'll get a crash, again. That situation is quite random, as for me, but it happens 2/5 times or so. A new one crash once I insert my card. I'll try to boot with latest build from GitHub with a SD card inserted.
  6. kikiwora

    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    Hey there. My Ethernet doesn't work after sleep, but kext itself does - I can see a self-assigned IP address in my network settings. Is that normal for this driver? Or how can I fix it if it's not?
  7. If you insert a cad with THAT driver, your system will crash a few seconds later. Tested.
  8. My card reader isn't working after sleep. Anyone has the same problem?
  9. kikiwora


    So? This card is working for you? How you have managed it? I need a Wi-Fi + Bluetooth combo card for my Lenovo E530, but this is the only one wich i think can work on hackintosh and is accepted by the laptop itself.
  10. Hi there. Just in case, RTS5229 (PCIe) also ins't woking with this kext.