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  1. SONY Vaio UX Thumbstick

    Hi, the thumbstick is disabled on 10.6.3 on my UX. Touch screen works tho :/. Can someone supply a kext to enable it or just a general solution. Thanks PS: Im desperate, i need it asap (so i can play quake 3 arena)
  2. Hi, im not sure this will work but ill explain. Your boot cd contains network kexts that only load when you use the cd. This is why you have networking. Try going into extra-->extentions (on your newcom CD), then find your network kexts and install them with kext utility or kext beast Hope this works but im not shure
  3. Help with sony vaio UX 10.6.3

    This kext didn't enable my thumbstick Can someone please help. my problem isnt solved
  4. Help with sony vaio UX 10.6.3

    I will try this kext as soon as I get chance (in 12hrs or so). PS: any chance you could provide a download link for this kext? Again thank you for your help.
  5. Help with sony vaio UX 10.6.3

    Thanks for the reply. I reinstalled osx and it fixed my resolution. I have a new problem. The touch screen works well but the thumstick (joystick mouse) is disabled. Is there a way of enabling it on my umpc? Thanks
  6. Hi, I have successfully installed SL onto a Sony Vaio UX (UMPC). QE/CI works fully but the screen displays a 1024x786 resolution and my screen is 1024x600. In Display Preference Panel lots of display options are available. All except for 1024x600! The bottom half of the osx is off the screen so I cant use things very well. Can someone help me find a way of correcting my resolution without disabling QE/CI?