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  1. Hi there, I've been attempting to install Mavericks on my RF510 over the past couple of days. My only previous experience was with Leopard a couple of years ago on some older hardware. I'm able to get it running to an extent through Niresh's build, but only by placing my hard drive in an enclosure, and installing and booting from that. It seems to be an ambiguous problem, so I've had trouble searching for a working solution. Looking around, it's a possibility that I need to extract and patch the DSDT, however beyond being able to extract it, and finding a patch, my knowledge is too limited to know what to do from there. Would anyone else happen to know a solution to this? Lappy specs: Intel Core i5 460M 4GB DDR3-1333 Nvidia GTX 330M 750GB Western Digital Black Interesting thing I'll note too, I was unable to get the installer for the app store version of Mavericks to boot, however Niresh's boots fine after one spontaneous reboot usually. There are a few other things not working (wireless and trackpad) but I figure I'll get to that once it's booting on it's own. Thank you very much in advance!