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  1. Weird problem

    Hello. I have El Capitan installed on my P5Q motherboard. I am using EDUP EP-N8508 usb wireless card which is based on Realtek RTL8188CUS chip. Since driver for 10.8 never worked (even on 10.8), I always have used driver for 10.7 and it seems to work ok. But sometimes there is this problem: Internet disapears and in Wireless Network Utility the 'Signal Strength' value starts to jump from 100% to 0%, and then from 0% to 100%, and then again and again every second. Turning WI-FI on and off in utility doesn't help at all; pluging out and back in USB adapter stick won't help either; rebooting system helps only from time to time; the only thing that helps is restarting WI-FI router (I use DIR-300), but in a few minutes/hours/days(I think one week and a half is a record) problem comes back. In El Capitan this thing started to happen really often (few times a day) and in a few seconds after that system just freezes, so I have to reboot. It's impossible to use computer when it freezes few times a day and I would like to find solution, but not just go back to Yosemite where I would have to restart router. For the record, WI-FI on all other devices works fine.