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  1. [GUIDE] HP G62 - Mac OS X Mavericks

    can't see it i only see MOD BIOS..... Please can you show me....thanks and please my microphone does make noise when i touch the camera place.....or closing the LED.Is not even working.
  2. [GUIDE] HP G62 - Mac OS X Mavericks

    thanks....all the two gpu are working now but how can i switch to the ati gpu instead of intel?
  3. [GUIDE] HP G62 - Mac OS X Mavericks

    This my laptop specs http://www.kainos.lt/hp-g62-a30sy-intel-i3-350m-2-26ghz-15-6-quot-hd-le-p311024/about Can i disable the gpu
  4. [GUIDE] HP G62 - Mac OS X Mavericks

    Thanks but i have already install the maverick on it and it booted alright..... Questions==How can i know the gpu am using now? And if i disable it....will the maverick boot to desktop? Please is there any drivers for The ATI GPU 5470M And i always boot the maverick with cpus=1. Is there any to boot it without using the flag I always boot to windows 8 before i boot to maverick....is there any bootloader i can use without booting windows 8.
  5. [GUIDE] HP G62 - Mac OS X Mavericks

    If i Disable it is there any way i can enable it back?...cause ATI Graphic Heat up system.
  6. [GUIDE] HP G62 - Mac OS X Mavericks

    screamble screen after installation ....desktop doesnt show....hp a30sy Intel® HD Graphic(corei3)