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  1. Finder Hacked!

    It's certainly an "old" hack, but that doesn't stop it working brilliantly
  2. Will you use 2D or 3D dock on bottom?

    Stacks work so much better when placed to the side of the screen. You're forced to grid view when sidedocking but it looks great!
  3. New Leopard GM Candidate Build

    Try it on your current Mac:
  4. Now that iWork has Numbers bundled in I wonder how useful this will be. Without Access it's just another Microsoft application that does away with Apple design standards. I guess we'll have to wait and see
  5. New Leopard GM Candidate Build

    Could you send me an invite to X please Hagar? Exciting news!
  6. Apple Media Event

    Apple.com has been updated, Store on its way back up.
  7. Apple Media Event

    The announcements side of the event seems to be over, Q&A commencing. The Mac mini will also be seeing a refresh when the store comes back up.
  8. Apple Media Event

    Of course, but even the GPUs in the current iMacs perform great in a media center environment.
  9. Apple Media Event

    Disappointed with the ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro. It's not as good as nVidia's finest. Hopefully there'll be upgrade options when it comes to ordering. The new iMac and keyboard design don't look all that bad and iLife '08 certainly will be a huge improvement over '06. I wonder what else Steve has up his sleeve for the rest of the event?
  10. Apple Media Event

  11. Apple Media Event

    I wonder if it's Steve Jobs under there?
  12. Apple Media Event

    Apple Store is down... here we go!
  13. Apple Releases iTunes 7.3.2

    The sorting bug with numbered artists has still not been fixed.
  14. Apple iWork..08'?

    It's still news MrRogers. Would you rather the front page were blank?
  15. Pics of Apple's New Slim Keyboard

    There is a function key. It's located where the help key usually sits.