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  1. Help

    ty bond, i'm a Lost fan and the Dharma/Apple thing i couldn't resist. yes, if you can't boot you must boot with the -v flag (f8 right at boot then type -v) to see the problem. i used this alternate name as a test.
  2. does anyone know where to get the missing file or have a hint on how to find them? pm please if you don't want to be public
  3. CoreGraphics patched for non SSE3 CPUs

    I can't believe i missed this today
  4. Possible Dev DVD Being Leaked Soon

    Even though the hfs and joliet files are the same it does not mean they install the same way. Most of the Bin files on the retail PPC disc are half the size of the ones the Phenix disc but just because those files have instructions for both x86 and ppc installation it does not mean they are universal. depending on the installation some files may be used while others not. Some of the files on the PPC retail 10.4.1 don't even have any information where as on the phenix they do. So these files must not be needed for PPC and the x86 install probably uses some the PPC install doesn't. You can see side by side screenies here : http://osx86.classicbeta.com/forum/viewtop...&highlight=#919 I hope I am wrong but I don't think a PPC install is compatible on a x86 machine.
  5. if you use a powermac to install tiger on an external disc, isn't it going to be for the PPC architecture making it irrelevant to a pc? or I am probably misunderstanding something here.