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  1. Disabling NVIDIA Optimus card on all laptops

    did you read this thread instructions, tips and guide? did you try to disable it yourself? what errors did you find in the process? i myself don't have knowledge enough to do it for you, but i think you will get help faster if you ask help to solve problems you may find during the process of disabling your card, instead of requesting 'please do it for me'.
  2. Disabling NVIDIA Optimus card on all laptops

    thank you very very much!
  3. Disabling NVIDIA Optimus card on all laptops

    dear rehabman, this is what is got in idle before sleep and in idle after sleep: BEFORE FFFFF162 (or 4294963554) AFTER FFFFF6CD (or 429464941) am i wrong to conclude that the nvidia card is constantly off?
  4. Disabling NVIDIA Optimus card on all laptops

    great and simple idea! but i'll try to make it more simple... i'll read battery remaining time before sleep and after wake up. if time doesn't decrease considerably, then it's ok! i'll post results here asap! _________________________________ EDIT: taking as reference the remaining battery time, my laptop does not turn the nvidia card on during wake up. thanks for the tip!!!
  5. Disabling NVIDIA Optimus card on all laptops

    thank you dear rehabman, but is it possible to verify if the nvidia card is turned on during the 'wake up' after system sleep?
  6. DSDT: Last Steps! Help

    Most backlight / shade / brightness apps don't use hardware control, but some kind of layer to darken or brighten the image. They actually don't save any battery. In your case, the app you are using probably from 0 to 50% is software controlled, so it works From 50 to 100% is hardware controlled, and because your patch is not working, the app doesn't work
  7. DSDT: Last Steps! Help

    you could start by posting a picture of your screen showing the kp
  8. Intel HD Graphics 4600 Can't change brightness.

    dear Raff7M, i dont't know if this can help, but before replacing my stock intel wifi card for a compatible pcie wifi+bluetooth combo, i used the same TP-Link TL-WN723N V3 as you. i was using drivers from hackintoshosx.com site, and in my personal experience, i used it with no reboots in two rigs: a samsung np530c ultrabook, and the hp envy 17t-j100 in my signature.
  9. Disabling NVIDIA Optimus card on all laptops

    dear ones, the guide described here 1. turns card off in _ini 2. turns card on in _pts 3. turns card off in _wak my ssdt is patched, but only with step 1. my laptop correctly sleeps and wakes up. my doubt: is it necessary to include steps 2 and 3? does my nvidia card turns on after wake up?
  10. Disabling NVIDIA Optimus card on all laptops

    If you provide specific information about your problem, like message errors, logs, or any hint that will make people understand what is happening, then I believe that help will come faster You will hardly have your files patched just by attaching them here and saying that it never worked for you
  11. dear gygabyte666, i have read your guide and i used your files and information as the primary base for my hackintosh as you can see in my signature, my rig is very similar to yours. i have just patched my ssdt to turn my nvidia card off, thanks to the support and instructions of mr rehabman. i'm pretty sure you know how to do it yourself, but if you want a reference, you can find it here as i said, i used your info and guide to setup my hackintosh laptop. i'm on 10.9.3 too, and i have no graphic glitches. i am a newbie, and unfortunately i have no advanced knowledge to share, but i would gladly provide any information or files you could find useful.
  12. Disabling NVIDIA Optimus card on all laptops

    dear rehabman, thanks to your kindness and prompt support, my nvidia card is now disabled, and now i have a better power efficient laptop hackintosh from now on, i'll try to follow your advices to the letter if anyone wants to take my files as examples, please find them attached. they belong to the following laptop setup: HP Envy 17t-J100 1080p, i7 4702mq 2.2GHz, 16Go RAM, Nvidia GT 740 2Go, Intel HD 4600, 120Go SSD Windows 8.1, 120Go SSD OS X 10.9.3, Broadcom BCM94352 HMB, IDT 92HD91BXX Audio file description: DSDT.aml => various patches SSDT.aml => ssdtPRGen.sh generated SSDT-0.aml => BCM94352 HMB WiFi dualband enabler SSDT-14.aml => Brightness fix SSDT-15.aml => Nvidia disabler lufeig patched dsdt ssdt.zip
  13. Disabling NVIDIA Optimus card on all laptops

    i called it at the end of the _INI, but no success. please find attached my ioreg. thank you very much!
  14. Disabling NVIDIA Optimus card on all laptops

    i renamed them according to your instructions, but it seems it made no difference comparing to the lowercase letters. but i'll keep the uppercase naming. SSDTs are being loaded (brightness fix implemented from SSDT-14.aml [sSDT-4 patched] is working), but NVIDIA card stays on. could you please tell me if this way of calling _OFF from _INI in SSDT-15.aml (SSDT-5 patched) is correct? Method (_INI, 0, NotSerialized) // _INI: Initialize { _OFF () Store (Zero, \_SB.PCI0.PEG0.PEGP._ADR) Store (NVSD, \_SB.PCI0.PEG0.PEGP.NVID) } thank you. SSDT-15.dsl.zip
  15. Disabling NVIDIA Optimus card on all laptops

    dear rehabman, i made two attempts to patch ssdt5.dsl in the first one, i tried to follow your instructions in the second one, i tried to implement the op's instructions unfortunately none of them worked, probably due to my lack of knowledge could you please point what i am doing wrong, so i can have directions on what to search and learn? __________________ regarding the ssdt*.aml renaming, i renamed ssdt.aml => ssdt_pr.aml ssdt-1.aml => ssdt14.aml (ssdt4 patched) ssdt-2.aml => ssdtwf.aml (ssdt wifi dual band enabler) but then clover loaded none of them so i renamed them to their previous names and clover loaded them as usual if anyone else can help too, any and every help is very welcome!!! thank you! ssdt5 2 attempts.zip