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  1. With HDCP initialization I mean, that if you connect a HDCP compliant display device to your Mac, the encryption is enabled (initialised) by default. If you connect a non-compliant display, the encryption should normally not be enabled. But there is this issue under certain circumstances, where the encryption is enabled though the display sink device "tells" the graphic card that it is non-HDCP. And all this is happening even if AUUC kext is not loaded, so yes deleting this kext is not the solution. Maybe I'm wrong but if HDCP is enabled regardless if AUUC is loaded or not, we have to search somewhere else?
  2. If you unload or delete the AUUC kext, HDCP is initialized anyway. So we have to dig into the GPU drivers, don't we? Unfortunately I'm not coder enough to do this, but I think a friend of mine has the knowledge to help me with the C++ stuff. Sorry for the silly question: what is the best way to get the source code of the Nvidia drivers?
  3. Thanks for the quick answer... Do you think it could be also related to IOGraphicsFamily.kext ? I checked the source code and found something inside IOGraphicsTypesPrivate.h: kUpstreamProtocolHDCPStatus = 'auph', kUpstreamProtocolHDCPConfigStatus = 'aupp', Can you make something out of this? There is also a folder with some header files called i2c. As far as I know I2C is the bus implementation on the hardware side, that's handling EDID and HDCP handshakes. Cheers Roland
  4. Hello. I got a question: Is it somehow possible and/or related to the technologies Shiki is using to force macOS to NOT enable HDCP ? I do not want to watch DRM content, I don't care if iTunes or Netflix are working or not. It is because of a special device I am using for multiscreen applications. This device needs unencrypted signals to work properly, but because of some bug or reason HDCP is initialized, thoug the device is "telling" the graphic card that it is non-HDCP. This issue occurs only on Nvidia GPUs, it does not matter if it's a hack or a Macbook with Nvidia graphics. With an AMD Macbook it is working correctly. Also it is working with Windows on the same Nvidia machine. So it is not a hardware issue. Which kext is responsible for HDCP initialization? Thanks and cheers Roland