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  1. Hi there.

    Previously, I installed Mavericks and Mountain Lion with Niresh's Distros and worked well!

    I did shrink like 50gigs of storage for Mac installation, created usb with the help of instruction, changed bios settings, and were ready to rock with dual boot support and every time it worked out without an issue! Though I had my old pc that time. 

    But I guess, from EL Capitan, things got messier a bit. Now I have to erase things and install mac first and then windows for dual boot.
    Also, I bought new pc, so whole bios settings are new to me.

    Conclusion : I need the latest Hackintosh with proper dual boot with my Windows 10, and I don't want to format nor erase anything on my HDD, and don't wanna format my windows 10. my father does work on this pc, me too, so please make sure nothing goes wrong, no file losing stuff please. I don't have other HDD so please I need the help. I want to install the mac on this existing windows machine. I could barely format windows 10 drive 'C' only and after mac, I will install windows again, but make sure except drive: C, no other drives get any effect at all. 

    And also, as I said, my PC is new, telling the specs of this pc, so please mention the bios settings and drivers stuff if possible. Please help me with Bios settings at least if drivers are not possible.

    Motherboard: MSI B250M PRO-VH
    CPU: Core i3 7100 (7th gen)
    RAM: HyperX 8GB DDR4 2400mhz
    HDD: 500GB SATA [GPT Partition]
    GPU: Nvidia 1050 TI 4GB
    Monitor : ASUS VP228 (1920x1080 Resolution)

    Another thing, I have ps2 keyboard, will it be ok? 

    Please help. Thanks.