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  1. vuillard: actually, i'm not at all sure about iatkos. i've never used that distro. my resolutions worked out of the box (without even installing any radeon pack) with ipc 10.5.6. (suggested here: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...type.282374.29) i don't think i can help you at all, sorry. anyway, i've noticed that i _can't_ live without some basic acceleration, since it's not only required by games, but other essential system software too. oh, and don't even try installing a version of tiger (10.4). i've had really bad results. first of all, you don't have cpu frequency scaling, thus the fan is constantly on. and no, acpi-cpufreq does not run. well, it does, but if you slow down the cpu clock speed, the whole system becomes laggy, especially the audio. not to mention after installing the radeon pack and editing the .plist correctly, still only a dozen opengl applications worked, most of them with weird colours. even dosbox had a permanent baby-blue background. it's just not worth it.
  2. Mobility Radeon 7500 and Leopard

    does anybody know if this driver is darwin/open source? if so, we could download it from somewhere and recompile it for x86. i'd do it, even if i'm not the best in c, i'd like to give it a shot.
  3. Mobility 7500 and QE?

    i have to add to the list.. i'm on a thinkpad T42 with XxX OSX 10.4.10 updated to 10.4.11 (the 10.4.11 XxX cd just kernel panicked and didn't boot at all). anyway: great tutorial by ragefury32, qe is now enabled, opengl semi-works. i mean, i can use grapher, chess, flurry, and thought everything will be nice. so i tried to play some (old) games, like realmyst, or some even older, like doom (with doomsday engine). most of them crash like hell, and give me an error like this: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001) KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS (0x0001) at 0x0884a000 Thread 0 Crashed: 0 glgProcessColor(GLDPixelMode const*, GLGOperation const*, unsigned long) + 6549 1 glgProcessPixels + 160 2 gldGetTextureLevel + 1919 3 gldGetTextureLevel + 7056 4 gldGetTextureLevel + 3776 5 gldDestroyQuery + 2017 6 gldUpdateDispatch + 36416 7 glBegin_Exec + 313 8 gluSphere + 3307 9 -[Menu drawBackground] + 462 this can be traced back to the OpenGL.framework. so i backed up the one from the Radeon 7500 pack, and installed the original framework from the XxX dvd. this resulted in the pointer appearing on the grey apple logo screen (!) and then nothing. so i reverted to the one from the pack. i can't even use really old stuff like Fallout 1&2 (garbled screen), flash player 10 (white screen instead of flash - 10.1 gives me flash, but crashes the browser when going to full screen), of even dosbox (works, although with blue tint on everything). i know even getting the card to work is a miracle and i shouldn't complain, and i'm not! i'm only asking for a little advice, since this problem seems to be marginal. i'll try other versions of the OpenGL.framework if i can find any, and i'll post my findings in this thread. if somebody has a suggestion, pplleeaassee help, this is the final step to a perfect install on this old machine.. (well, not _perfect_, since i couldn't get speedstepping to work (yet), so the machine runs a little hot, and i can't sleep either, but i can really live with these..) thanks, bamdad
  4. Wont Boot from battery?

    i have the exact same problem. i'm on a thinkpad t42 (sse2 only, but supports enhanced power management). i have the exact same problem. i'm on tiger btw (yes, i said tiger), since my mobility radeon 7500 does not work in newer os's. i'll try disabling speedstepping in the bios, maybe it'll help me. leopard (xxx 10.5.6) ran much colder, and it didn't have the fan draining my battery and almost always, but hey, QE is essential in os x. is there some workaround beside keeping an ubuntu flash drive ready? thanks, bamdad anyaway, i found out that disabling speedstep _does_ enable you to cold boot. will report my findings if there are any.
  5. sorry for digging up this old topic, but did you succeed? i'm currently on a thinkpad t42 with the same graphics card (memory is 32m), and although i've installed the radeon 7500 kit manually (patched the hardware id's and everything), i just can't get it to work. callisto loads, radeon extensions load, agpgart loads, but still only software ci and not supported qe. i couldn't install the opengl. framework from the kit, it kept throwing me back to the login screen, so i had to revert to using the xxx 10.5.6 original one. i'm really confused. system profiler says all the kexts are loaded, and recognizes my card (even the vendor id and stuff). could this be _only_ because of that bloody framework? there has to be some workaround... apart from this, i have a near-perfect installation for this old machine. sleep is not working (freezes instantly), and i have this video problem, but everything else.. works. even the serial port.
  6. hi all, my msi wind died a few weeks ago, and since then i'm using my old, beat-up ibook as my main computer. i'll eventually get a new one after the holidays (probably a refurbished unibody macbook), but i need an older, cheap, throw-around laptop. i've been using osx86 since the deadmoo image, so i'm no noob, but my experience is with desktops, not portables. thus, i'm asking for advice: what would be the best laptop (preferably subnotebook) for my needs? i'm looking for few years old business-class machines, like HP, IBM, Dell etc., with core duo, centrino or pentium M processors. thanks in advance, bamdad
  7. cpu issue

    hi, this is a mirror of my topic at forums.msiwind.net. i thought i'd ask around here, since it's probably not a hardware-related issue (i'm on an msi wind). i have a processor problem that's annoying as hell. if the keyboard and trackpad/mouse are idle for a few minutes, the cpu usage suddenly goes up to 70-80 %, and no corresponding task shows up in activity monitor if i leave it open (it's set to show all processes). as soon as i touch something, the cpu goes back to normal. it might be because of my migrated preferences or some program, since i always use the migration assistant when i have to install a new system and need to restore my account as soon as possible (i've been doing this since my powerbook g4). i don't think all three distros i've tried (msiwindosx86, ideneb and ipc) are faulty in the same manner.. i'm currently using ipc, and i've disabled the speedstep .kext (voodoopower), but it doesn't help. if i create a new user and log in, the problem doesn't occur. but i don't want to manually reinstall and set up all my programs and utilities again, and besides, one of them might be causing the problem. so please please somebody, is there maybe a third party program or low-level console utility that might give me a clue? or did anybody have this weird issue and managed to fix it? thanks, bamdad
  8. hi, how did you get those fancy black windows? i have ileopard, but it only changes the buttons, checkboxes etc.
  9. hi, i'm having a weird problem, thought this is the best way to ask for some help. i have msiwindosx86 installed, with the latest updates, and everything seems to be working fine. one problem is that in the displays.prefpane i only see 1024x600. now, this should not be a major problem, you might say, but i use some resolution-changing apps and games too. some apps can change the resolution, but 800x600 is misplaced on the screen, some refuse to launch, and cider games quit without displaying anything. it might be only a problem in some .plist, but i'm not into osx deep enough to know where these settings are stored. might as well be a driver problem, but then this is the only issue. the strangest thing is when i plug in my external monitor, it still dosen't offer me 800x600 or 640x480. back when i was using a previous install, everything was fine. i tried reinstalling every gma950 and integratedframebuffer .kext i could find, but the problem persists. could someone please help me or at least say i'm not alone with this? thanks, bamdad (this is a replica of my post at http://forums.msiwind.net/post63236.html#p63236. if i should've started a new thread or there's a problem with posting this here, please let me know.)
  10. Darwin / Vista bootloader

    greetz, i have the same thing going on, but with windows xp. now the darwin bootloader is set (by default, not by me) to load xp. so if i do nothing, the machine powers up, then it loads the xp blootloader from the active partition, which is set to load osx (chain0). then the osx bootloader starts and that loads the windows one and so on.. so i have to manually select OSX in the darwin bootloader to load leopard. i've searched all over the forums and google, but no topic tells me how to remove an entry from the darwin bootloader or just make OSX default. can anybody point me in the right direction? thanks, bamdad
  11. hi, i have a p5b deluxe and only have stereo out, no input with azalia. gingerprince: i have tried that too, but the latest patcher says 'not supported, needs more research', the earlier ones do the patch, but with no results (no output device). and taruga disappeared. sorry. i would like to see a fix for this too, but have found nothing of use even though it seems a major want.
  12. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    hi everyone, hmm.. i have read through these forums and learned that my card is the most popular and still no driver patch for it (p5b deluxe with soundmax adi ad1988b). not that i am displeased with anyone or anybody, and hey, the appleazaliaaudio tweak provides stereo output for these damn 1988b's too. my question is directed to those who are more well versed in hardware than myself: somewhere in bios setup i can choose between 'hd audio' and 'ac97' i see no change when i set it eitherway, but can this help me? like.. suppose i set it to 'ac97' and then i can use some of the drivers? please help, i would positively need mic input or line-in. thanks, bamdad
  13. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    hi, the patcher program says: AppleHDA Patcher - 2006/2007 Taruga v1.16 _______________________________________________________ Codec : Analog Devices AD1988B Vendor Id : 0x11d4198b Subsystem Id : 0x104381f6 _______________________________________________________ This codec is not working at the moment, it needs more research is there a workaround for this? a newer version or something to be done manually? thanks, bamdad
  14. hi all, i have been getting a wierd error message from toast titanum 7 in all macos versions and both 'distro'-s (uphuck and jas too - current is jas 10.4.8 updated to 10.4.9) when i try to mount any .toast image in the program, it pops up the error message in the attachment. can anybody helpme with this? thanks, bamdad --- edit: never mind, installed titanium 8 and all is well.
  15. Nvidia Quadro FX1400

    hm.. tried it with your kexts, firstly, i did not modify them, with your device id (0x00ce10de) they simply did not load, except for NVDANVResman.kext; secondly, i replaced the id with mine (0x00fe10de), and got the same results as earlier: monitor goes blank and says 'no input signal'; thirdly, i temporarily removed the /Library/Preferences/com.apple.windowserver.plist and loginwindow.plist, but with no luck. when natit loads, i see that it _does_ recognizes my quadro fx 1300, but then i see a 'display: family specific matching fails' message; i think the problem may be in connection with that. so i have put back everything to as it was. thanks for your help, though. --- strangely, there is one driver which partially works for me, this. i think it is a macvidia beta driver (tried the latest macvidia, it makes my monitor go out of range regardless of which .plist i edit), and with it i have resolution and ref.rate switching, but no QE/CI. the odd thing is that when it loads it also recognizes my card, but in system profiler it says 'unknown geforce model' (see my attachment above).. i think my card is simply not supported in either natit or macvidia, only this beta driver has the 'error' of supporting at least some features. so now, i am really stuck. --- edit: tried to insert device id values into IONDRVSupport.kext with no luck.