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  1. Unable to install Yosemite on my HP 250 G3! HELP!

    tried...already stuck like before but with black screen instead of that mac hackintosh logo
  2. I was trying to install Niresh Yosemite on my HP 250 G3 Notebook but unfortunately every time it gets stuck in white page! (means in hackintosh apple logo) :( Specs : 4GB Ram DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 4000 Mobile QM77 Express Chipset 1.7ghz core i3 4th gen Please help me! or give easiest tutorial to install any OS X on my Notebook plz!
  3. My motherboard is Gigabyte H81M-S. GFX Card is nvidia 610. sound is Realtek® ALC887 codec And ethernet/lan is Realtek® GbE LAN chip (10/100/1000 Mbit). I installed Niresh mavericks and runs great without a single problem! and QE/CI also working and looks awesome! anyway, what the real problem is my lan and sound not working or detecting please give me a solution :'( please!
  4. I know there is no QE/CI currently available, but, just i want to know, which OS X hackintosh version runs little smooth in GMA x4500? I KNOW ITS INSANE QUESTION BUT PLEASE TELL SOMEONE! MOBO : Asrock g41m-vs3-r2.0 RAM : 2GB DDR3 CPU : DUAL CPU 2.7ghz And yeah! please also tell me how to install that!
  5. My Mobo is Gigabyte : H81M-S RAM : 4GB CPU : INTEL CORE I3 4TH GEN GPU : NVIDIA 610 GT I did configure bios (via a tutorial) and i dont think its a problem of bios. I am trying to install Niresh Mavericks via USB! So, i decided to install the os x into my drive "d" because i want dual boot with windows 8.1 So i backed up all files from drive "D" and format at NTFS and named "Mac OS". All is ok untill the OS X Installation Screen. But when i go to disk utility from os x setup, i cant see my Drive "D" which i named "Mac OS" earlier :'( !! And i cant even find the drive c, e, etc..!!! disk0s1, 2 ,3 !! whats all these stuff? SEE THE ATTACHED PIC! Tell me how can i find my Drive D to install or what should i do? but please, remember, i want dual boot, and i dont wanna lose anything! please hurry!
  6. How to get 1360x768 resolution? [GMA x4500 Issue]

    great news, i did successfully change my resolution to 1440x900! i can run on 1280x1024 also but, can't run in 1366x768 don't know why after reboot, am getting black screen anyway to fix?
  7. How to get 1360x768 resolution? [GMA x4500 Issue]

    i tried,but when i restart, screen goes black after selecting the Mavericks boot drive from Pendrive (i meant before apple logo white boot screen)!! what should i do By the way, my Resolution is 1360x768 not 1366. but i did tried with 1360x768 also not worked
  8. How to get 1360x768 resolution? [GMA x4500 Issue]

    Please someone do help me :'( please
  9. How to get 1360x768 resolution? [GMA x4500 Issue]

    Please help!
  10. How to get 1360x768 resolution? [GMA x4500 Issue]

    Sorry to bother you again bro, but i got balck screen! after click save button on wizard, i did restart and now thats not booting, just black screen, and monitor light blinking! bootloop maybe. what to do? and i dont understand the tutorial that u given in the link
  11. How to get 1360x768 resolution? [GMA x4500 Issue]

    Sorry for disturb you bro. where do i put this? please clearly tell me.
  12. How to get 1360x768 resolution? [GMA x4500 Issue]

    OK then wha Ok after change, what to do?
  13. How to get 1360x768 resolution? [GMA x4500 Issue]

    seems complicated bro please give me an easy step by step tutorial please bro
  14. How to get 1360x768 resolution? [GMA x4500 Issue]

    What to do with this bro? i dont know much things. please tell me what to do with this?
  15. How to get 1360x768 resolution? [GMA x4500 Issue]

    Dont know bro, i am using what niresh provide by default. i didn't changed anything! i am sure its not clover. Remembered! its Chameleon!